The stylish P-27/27 St Slim cabinet definitely wins over all gambling operators and places itself as the BestSeller for 3 months in a row in Romania.

With many installations worldwide, from Mexico to Monte Carlo and a first nomination for the “Land-based product of the year 2017” at GGA 2017, P-27/27 St Slim is clearly becoming the highlight of EGT’s portfolio.
It first gathered attention due to its monitors being 3 inches wider than the previous models and its two high-resolution 27 inch monitors and main monitor with integrated touch screen for greater interactivity.
It continued to win over fans with its versatility, ergonomic design, the smart LED illumination and the exquisite stereo sound system that creates a sophisticated and highly enjoyable gaming experience for aficionados.

Key Features:
• Two high resolution 27” widescreen monitors;
• Main monitor with integrated touch screen for greater interactivity;
• Overhead multimedia topper with 27” monitor (optional);
• Keyboard with dynamic OLED buttons (optional);
• Enhanced quality stereo sound system;
• Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet;
• Sophisticated ergonomic details assuring distinct players’ comfort;
• Powered by the Exciter II and Exciter III platforms.

The P-27/27 St Slim cabinet are also available in white – these versions getting already worldwide acknowledgement and admiration for their unique aspect. They are the proof that EGT has the adaptability to easily meet any casino and gambling hall operators’ specific requirements.
The rich diversity of games is ensured by some of the most popular multigame mixes of EGT: The Collection Series.
When it comes to games variety, convenience and flexibility, the Collection Series is unmatched, being developed in order to please the local players to the greatest extent with 5 multigame mixes, each Collection consisting of the most popular titles from EGT library of games, with Union Collection – the newest out of Collection Series – adding a compilation of roulettes: live, automatic and virtual, to the game mix and thus offering a unique variety that fits to the taste of all aficionados.

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