One of the great challenges of gambling operators is attracting new customers and keeping existing ones and like others marketing strategies also customer loyalty programs must keep up with new trends.
When you operate in a market where competition is high and it offers similar services and products, the loyalty strategy must be targeted to all customers.
Regardless of the chosen loyalty program, you should consider your customer’s earnings as a continuous supporter of your business. In other words, your loyalty program must determine the player to use the advantage of being your client.
One of the most effective loyalty programs for slot players is introducing the club cards. The NEWTON module, with features such as Player Tracking and Bonusing, is based on this card system and has been developed because we understood the need of our customers to develop a long-term business.


l Classic card reader
This equipment is installed on each slot machine and through it the user authenticates in the system by entering the card. It has a simple design that does not affect the appearance of the slot machine and status lights in different colors.
Authentication can be performed simultaneously on multiple slots and permanent presence of the card in the reader is not necessary.

l Contactless card reader
The support for chip and antenna can be of any kind, from cards that are currently used in loyalty classic module, to tags, key ring and even smartphones classic version because it requires less space.

l Infopoint / Infotouch

It is the terminal that will be installed in every location where players can check their accumulated points or raffle tickets, in real time. It has an attractive design and can be customized with the game room logo.
For the Contactless version it is also available with the touchscreen feature for viewing all of the operator’s campaigns, giving the player the chance to choose the promotion they want to participate in. It can display also promotional materials for a more effective campaign promotion.

l Automatic tombola system

This component can be easily integrated into the Loyalty module, giving players the opportunity to receive tombola tickets automatically, printed directly into the drawing box.
For sure you had discussions with customers who complained about the way tickets were awarded for promotional campaigns.
You can avoid these situations by introducing the automatic tombola system and also eliminate the time lost by the staff with the tickets.
Automatize this feature will make players participate much easier in the promotional campaigns you organize and give them confidence, bringing more insight to your company.

The advantages of implementing a loyalty program are multiple. From increasing revenue earned by a constant customer base, keeping customers who will no longer go to competition that offers the same services, to attracting new customers, because a satisfied customer will bring new customers with it.

A loyalty program must be maintained, verified, and rewards alternated in order to maintain the interest of the players.
By implementing the NEWTON Loyalty Module, you can analyze players’ needs quickly and thus create promotional campaigns to convince them that it is worthwhile to remain your customers. The module is based on a very simple mechanism and players are rewarded very quickly with accumulated loyalty points, providing organizers with an efficient and easy-to-use strategy to increase revenue.