“Let’s get personal”

The evolution of slot machine machines has exceeded the barrier of a simple start button. The latest generation changes on cabinets increase their attractiveness and productivity, through larger and curved monitors, graphics and animation reaching a high level of performance.
Technological progress and the desire to achieve maximum loyalty rates have led to the improvement of the ‘Player Tracking’ module. It went from a simple reader card, in which the customer’s loyalty card is inserted, to state of-the-art equipment that will make communication between the player and the staff much faster.
“Player tracking” is considered one of the most powerful functions of the management system. If in the past the player’s activity had to be “observed” and monitored by staff, now things are much simpler and all the information is available through one click. The system was developed from the desire to provide the operators the solution to attract and keep the players, but mainly to maximize business profitability. The First Multi-level Club Cards developed on several levels and further, the rewarding campaigns of the players have appeared.
The implementation of the ‘Player Tracking” system is essential for any operator who wants a sustainable business. “Player Tracking” does not only provide efficient development and evolution, but also a competitive advantage. The module offers the possibility to know the profile and typology of the players and to respond effectively to their needs.
It is the perfect guide for developing operational activities, but especially for creating a dedicated and coordinated marketing strategy for a specific purpose.
We know that it is essential for operators to collect player data – the amounts spent, the time spent by customers in locations, game behavior or the favorite bet. Because we wanted to move things further, we extended the features of the ‘Player Tracking’ system beyond a simple point collection. So, what do you say about rewarding the players on spot, personalized promotions for each client or even personal jackpots?!

The Player Tracking System with LCD & Smartwatch module developed by NEWTON SLOTS will lead you closer to the client.
The module offers players the feeling that they are important to you, regardless of the amount that they play and that you want the services you offer to be quick and complete.


Contactless Reader
With an attractive design that fits perfectly on the button panel of the slot machines, the new contactless reader is perfectly adaptable for the cards already issued and for any RFID support, from key chains and tags to phone covers. It requires a much smaller installation space compared to the classic card reader, significantly reducing the installation time. It is only necessary to approach the chip support for a few seconds and the authentication is performed.

A 4-Inch display with a touchscreen function through which players can communicate much faster and efficiently with the operators. They can select from the available options the following messages: “cash out”, “call operator”, “order bar” and can visualize in real time the accumulated points and the new jackpot versions available only through Player Tracking Newton System: the personal jackpot of the player and the individual jackpot of the device. It is no longer necessary for the player to stand up from the machine to request an operator or to make an order at the bar, therefore the time allocated to the game increases. It is a premium solution that satisfies even the most demanding clients who do not like the presence of staff near them; it definitely sounds familiar to you “I do not win if you stand behind me!”.

Smart watch
The device on which operators receive the players requests. The staff will always know the value of the cash-outs, at which devices the orders from the bar must be delivered to, and on the other side the players will be notified that their requests have been taken over and are already in execution. It will allow a more efficient organization of the staff and a customer service that will put your location at the top of their preferences.
The new Player Tracking Newton Module with LCD and Smartwatch has been developed to provide personalized services to the players and to transform a simple loyalty module into a system that can make a difference.

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