The struggling bingo business in the UK is hoping a group of MPs who are backing a call to lower the tax rate will become reality and help reduce the continuing decline in bingo halls in the UK.

The industry has seen falling attendances with the increase in online bingo and has been in decline since the smoking ban in public places took effect in 2007.

The Bingo Association say levies on the game should be brought into line with other forms of gambling. Currently bingo halls pay 20% in tax on their profits compared to 15% that bookmakers pay and 12% that lottery companies pay in tax.

The government is not keen to reduce the tax rate on bingos however as its priority is to close the budget deficit.
But the Bingo Association argues the disparity in tax with other forms of gambling is contributing to the closure of bingo clubs at a rate of one a month.

The industry has suffered job losses also because of the tax on them with in 2010 being 17,822 people employed in the industry compared to now only 16,000.


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