President of the Romanian Boxing Federation speaks about Bute’s much-awaited fight

President of the Romanian Boxing Federation, Rudel Obreja, had the amiability to give us an exclusive interview where he talked about the ring meeting that Romanian pugilist Lucian will have with Russian Denis Grachev, and also about the return match against English Carl Froch. Plus, the former champion exposed what are the issues that the Romanian boxing is dealing with now.

– First, we would like to tell us what is going on with the Romanian Boxing Federation in terms of the December elections and the problems there.
– We will have the elections on November 23. AIBA committed major abuses towards FRB, but no one was willing to acknowledge it. Most of the boxing people are menial to AIBA, a behavior that is more and more leaving its mark on us, as a nation…

– How do you see the future of the Romanian boxing? Does Romania have any chances to get back where it used to be, namely on top?
– Romania has a huge potential but not a system to reach performance; we are turning to exceptions and pretend that this is reality. It is actually a lie, exceptions are everywhere, a Soviet system that we have come into posssession of.

– One of the longest expected and important events is the game that Lucian Bute will have with Russian Denis Grachev, on November 3. Did you talk to Lucian? Is he in in good shape and ready to bite, as he said earlier?
– I talk to Lucian very often. He is right before an extremely difficult exam: to recover from his first loss. I really hope that he will get over it well, he had done it before.

– How is Lucian’s challenger? Which technique do you think is best for the Russian, who also does kickboxing?
– This will be a rehearsal for the return match against Froch, scheduled for March 2013. Grachev’s style is similar to Froch’s, the fight will he hard and Lucian is quite aware of that.

– Bute’s trainer, Stephan Larouche, has said that the Romanian should win this match. What is your opinion on this?
– Of course a win is the best for Lucian, otherwise his career will take a slightly unpleasant turn. It is an extra heat he will have to take.

– Do you think that Grachev got somehow a kick below the belt before the match against Lucian, as the Romanian pugilist is the only one featured on the Montreal gala official poster? The Russian got really infuriated about it.
– There are marketing strategies meant to promote the front-runner and irk the contender. Part of the game.

– About the other Romanian, Bogdan Dinu, who is boxing with the public’s choice, Canadian Eric Martel Bahoeli, what’s your take on that? How is he going to do up there, in the ring?
– A match overseas, in the heavy category, can always be a launching platform to the great boxing. Bogdan can and I think he will take the leap.

– Why could not you host the match on November 3 in Romania?
– Because Romania was involved in a bigger game, i.e. the summer referendum. The people who should have been involved were playing for both ‚teams’.

– English Carl Froch continues to taunt Lucian, saying that the next year return match in the spring will be just as a regular training session. Any comments?
– Froch is playing now the intimidation card, he is hanging on the victory on May 26. I hope that Lucian will be the real him on the ring.

– We know that you would like to host the return game in Bucharest. Any chances to see it here?
– Yes, there are, still. Everything comes down to the involvement of the authorities in this country, cannot do it without their help. It would be just wonderful for the sport fans in Romania. I trust that they will see this clearly. It is my duty to make any and every efforts and will keep doing it.

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