Loredana Benga proves that talent and beauty can go hand in hand, thus making an artist complete, with a beautiful soul, inspiring in her music. A lively person, always smiling, a seductive presence, Loredana believes in her dream and has learnt how to fight for her goals.
by Ingrid Ispas

The stage is the place where you meet God…

You are part of a string of projects in the music industry, concerts in some of the finest and most exquisite restaurants in Bucharest, and also various events to which you are invited to go and charm the audience. What is music for you?

It is true and I am honored and the greatest pleasure to sing with an extraordinarily talented piano player from Cuba, Carlos Enrique, for a distinguished audience in one of the best places in Bucharest. I also have a project still developing along with a wonderful team about who I will be talking later and the invitations to events are always welcomed, one of them being the Awards Gala of CASINO MAGAZINE.

What are the artists to have influenced your music? What exactly do you like in music?

I listen to any type of music, if it is of a good quality. The list of the artists that I highly appreciate and listen blissfully includes Etta James,Billie Holiday,Nina Simone,James Brown,and also Mariah Carey or John Legend..and the list may go on.

Any artist is looking for inspiration in various aspects around him or from life. What is inspirational for you and why?

I get energized by almost anything, mainly love, a love for beautiful places, for hard work, positive-thinking and wonderful people. I love beauty, as artists usually have a soft spot for it. Art means to adore beauty in its supreme form…

Photo: Vlad Mihailescu
Make-up: Elena Panait
Hair Styling: Alina D Coafuri
Location: Hotel Mirage Snagov

You have graduated from acting school and played some. How is it to be on the stage, how do you manage to interact with the audience and convey the right feelings?

Yes, I graduated from that school in 2011, the class of Rodica Mandache and Eusebiu Stefanescu, who helped me shape my talent, evolve and go beyond my abilities by soft or strong methods. All these did a lot for me, in terms of the stage career and life, for which I will be always grateful… For an artist, being on the stage means real life. Outside of it, you only survive! The stage is the place where you meet God…

Dreams are the ones to give us hope and to believe in something, to have an ideal and be in a constant search. What is the most daring dream of yours?

Indeed, dreams are essential for each of us. The most fearless one is about to come true, which is to have a successful international project.

We all need mentors, people to look up to, to emulate. What have you learnt from these people on your professional path and how have them helped you become the person you are today?

Even since college, I have found my inspiration and had human models in my teachers, mainly Mrs. Rodica Mandache. I have learnt a lot from her and she has always guided my steps to go in the right direction, helped me develop myself by different methods and turn into my best version.

How do you manage to juggle with the professional and personal lives, to keep a balance between the two? What does love mean for you, as an artist?

It is ideal to maintain that balance between these two lives and strenuous alike. Love is the engine of life and the reason for our existence…

What projects dear to your soul have you had so far? What is your greatest achievement?

Each play, concert or shooting session I worked at was an achievement for me, as I have fully involved myself in them all the time.

What is the most beautiful you have ever visited? What are the destinations you would like to see?

I love travelling, finding new places with positive-thinking and beautiful people. I have visited a plenty of areas but the Rhodos Island in Greece is by far the delightful and special. That was a magical place, where I am planning to go back very often. There are other places where I have not gone yet, like the United States, Asia, Australia, but I am going to visit them in the near future.

What are your guiding principles in life? What is truly important for you?

Family, career, friends and a healthy and graceful way of living. There are for me the most important values and they maintain the natural balance of a beautiful and harmonious existence…

What piece of advice would you give to a person dreaming to an artistic career?

I am not in the position to give any advice, since I am myself at the beginning of the career. But one thing is sure – they should not give up if there is talent and potential for that career… It is not easy, it is a difficult path and full of sacrifices, but satisfactions are priceless. A wasted talent is a great sin.

What plans do you have for the year of 2015? What are the projects you are working on?

There are a lot of projects still developping, but the most important will get a full shape during the first half of this month. It is about a project in partnership with DJ SAVA and YOLO, a young yet talented team, who has involved itself a lot in it. The song is ‚ONE DAY’, a love song, very engaging and different from what we have previously done and in which we believe from the bottom of our hearts. About the other projects, I will be happy to share with you in another edition of your publication.

Thank you and good luck!

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