Online Gambling, Mobile Gambling, Cashless, Contactless – the gambling industry keeps up with technology.
Even if black-jack is still played in the old fashion way, like on Frank Sinatra’s time, if we think that VR casinos are already launched we realize that gambling industry changed a lot in the past years and the player’s behavior is also changing.
Technology is on the fast lane not only for iGaming domain, also the land-based activity is influenced by new equipment which can facilitate the player experience in slot halls.

Contactless Feature is known better from the banking field and is used to make small-value, secure payments that do not require signature or PIN; the transition of banking system to cashless and contactless transactions has educated customers with this type of equipment.
The gaming industry was all the time interested in systems that can facilitate access to slot machines, see also the huge success the Player Club Cards had all over the world; NEWTON SLOTS takes things forward and from the desire to offer innovative solutions, we developed the Contactless module.

This module uses RFID technology (radio frequency identification) and includes a device for the embedded chip and antenna and one contactless reader installed on the slot machine. The support for chip and antenna can be of any kind, from cards that are currently used in loyalty modules, to tags, key ring and even smartphones and mobile devices.
The chip and antenna embedded on a smartphone cover for example, gives to player the possibility to just be close to the contactless reader in order to authenticate in the Loyalty system of your slot hall.

-fast connection: approach the contactless support 4 cm near the reader, for 1-2 seconds and the system authentication is performed;
-discreet solution: the support used may or may not be embossed with your company logo, making it easier for players to accept it;
-attractive design: the small dimensions of the contactless reader and the similar look to the game buttons makes it fit perfectly into the button panel;
-quick assembly: the reader requires less space on the button panel and can be installed in a much shorter time than the standard card reader model;
-adaptability: can be used for cards already issued by operators using the Newton Loyalty Module and also for new support models: keychain, tags, smartphone covers.

For operators to be in the front line of the industry, they have to adapt to player requirements and give them more flexibility through easy playing modes. NEWTON’s loyalty module, including Player Tracking and Bonusing, is essential to any business and is the “tool” through which operator communicates with his customers. Information and reports regarding customer activity in locations will tell you what players will never tell you. The more you know about how they play the more effective you can be to make them come to your slot halls, spend more time and play more.

Bonusing programs for rewarding your loyal players can be global or personalized, depending on the level and preference of each. You can create a global jackpot level which can only be won based on the loyalty card, to promote the use of cards and make them easier to be accepted.
A slot player reward program is one of the most powerful tools to identify VIPs and to attract them to show their loyalty to your location; will give your venue a competitive advantage over the competition, being a very important part of the marketing equation.

The priority of NEWTON SLOTS is to transform vision into reality. We focused on operator demands, operators that understood that the slot management system can be used also for promotional concepts and so we extended the operation mode to satisfy even the most challenging and bold requirements.

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