Talking to the casino professionals:
Lesia Dupree a successful woman

Lesia Dupree has been working in casino marketing for 18 years now. She is an Executive casino Host for Caesar’s Entertainment for the last several years. Our Casino Life & Business Magazine managed to talk to this successful woman. She told us about her activity and about her day to day life. Lesia is an example to be followed by those wish to pursue a career in this field, becoming real casino professionals.

Hi Lesia,
Thank you first of all for answering some questions for us.

1. How long you’ve been working at Caesar’s Palace and what do you like most about the Hotel/Casino?
Over 3 years. But I’ve been in Casino Marketing for over 18 yrs.

2. If you would have to convince a person to choose Caesar’s Palace as a destination, what would you tell them?
The Loyalty program is the best I have seen. Complimentaries are by far the most lenient I’ve seen. Most people who get complimentary rooms with CET would normally be paying a casino rate at other properties. There are always fun events such as Black Jack, Slot or Baccarat tournaments going on not to mention concerts, shopping, golf events & free play.

3. From our understanding the Company changed the name to Caesar`s and has big plans for the hospitality and casino industry. Can you please tell us more about this?
Caesar’s Entertainment is recognized world wide, it only makes sense for the company to change the name to Caesar’s Entertainment and also going public will have an impact with the name change.

4. We noticed that your job includes overseeing the Las Vegas area and Canada. Can you please tell us what does this entitle to?
It allows me the flexibility to market the entire CET Destinations/Properties. You no longer need a different host in each casino.

5. What exactly is a normal day for Lesia Dupree?
My day consist of working out, playing with my dogs, having downtime at Starbucks while still checking my phones for important emails/texts from clients. Cooking a healthy meal and trying to find time to watch a little TV. All this takes place before I go to work by 4pm. Once at work, I oversee the business of the casino, market events, make calls/emails to guests. I’m responsible for comping decisions & issuing casino credit. Etc. So, pretty much a normal day right?

6. What is the nicest thing that you heard over the years in regards to your job?
People like that I am quick to respond and I am detailed oriented. They also say I have good people skills.

7. Is it possible to tell us one unusual request that you were asked from one of your clients?
Confidentiality must be enforced in my position. Sorry… 

8. What is in your opinion, if any, the difference between a gambler from Europe and a gambler form United States?
Europeans usually stay longer & play more. For one, it is probably a yearly trip and US comes more frequently so they tend to play more often for less time. Europeans tend to play more roulette. US play more slots and Black Jack.

9. Was the financial crisis a big influence in your area of work? And if so, in what way?
We saw a decrease in the medium income traveler/visitor, Casino Credit got tighter. Hotel rooms were lowered. People were still visiting Vegas, but not spending as much. Now we are seeing an increase in travel/gaming.

10. You are a woman of many hobbies like: cycling, climbing and traveling. When do you still have time for them?
I make time. I believe quality of life is important and health is important. I have vacation days. I also try to make time on my days off as much as I can.

11. Do you consider that there are still things out there that are unpredictable when it comes to your job?
Yes, it’s never boring, it’s not predictable and you meet many different personalities. So many events happen on a daily basis


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