In world of gambling in continuous development, where technology and online business escalate, we can find an area that cannot be compared with anything from what the player’s experience means.
Land-based casino or live casino, represents a distinguished element, an experience that cannot be compared to any other emotion.
With a history full of glory, Palace Casino – Casa Vernescu – represents the most powerful brand on the market of live casinos from Romania. A unique casino, situated in a historical monument building.
A casino that reminds the connoisseurs about the casino from Monte Carlo.
By the agency of the magazine Casino Life and Business Magazine we want to divulge every month from the beauty and secrets of a field, as rare, as captivating and beautiful.
Palace Casino is representative for the gambling industry not only by the history of the house, but also by the history of a brand built by the Restaurant Casa Vernescu and the beginnings of Joseph Hadad, and also by the impressive number of players from those years.
After a break of a few years, it reopened and managed, little by little, to become again one of the places where anyone can come to discover the amazing world of live gaming.
Its major advantage is its localization in the center of Bucharest, on Calea Victoriei 133. What could be more difficult in the center of Bucharest than finding a parking place? Palace Casino offers 2000 m2 of parking, destined exclusively to its customers (without additional costs). And if the exterior is impressive, then, when entering the house, all the visitors exclaim the same thing:” Amazing!”

In what regards the history of the house, two words can be said:1821 and architect Ion Mincu. For us, those who come here daily, it is a miracle.
A house which became a second home. We know we are lucky to be able to work with people in this amazing house. A casino in a hou se…. In fact, those who have seen Palace Casino at least once could say we are modest. Because we have, in fact, a Palace. And no picture could transmit the atmosphere within. Almost all the elements are original, from 1821, but extremely well preserved.
What is the charm of a live casino?
The connection between people.
The customers are never alone.
Either happy, or sad, all the emotions are lived within the group. The gaming tables have maximum 6 participants (the card tables) and much more for the roulette tables.
The quality of the services is another advantage of the Palace. From the drinks offered to the customers for free to the international cuisine.
An ambitious and receptive team works every day at offering memorable moments to all the Palace’s customers.
And still, Palace Casino is an business.
And we understood that one of the necessities of the moment is the online gaming, thus there was taken the decision to develop Live Gaming Productions, a company with the same shareholding as Palace Casino. More details about plans and development are presented by Mr. Mark McGuiness, as Chief Marketing Officer: “Online Casino has been present on the gambling market for a few years. But who would have thought that one could be able to play online, with a professional dealer, straight from the mobile phone?
Live gaming with dealers have spread on the markets from Europe and Asia, becoming a “must-have” product type of all the online gaming operators. Why? It is exactly the way in which the online casino is trying to give the feeling of adrenaline, the emotion felt by the players when they are in a live casino, but without leaving the location they are in. the popularity of the live gaming is also determined by transparency, interaction and the emotions that can be found in the actions from a land-based casino. Like any developing market, the maturity it has gained makes the players more and more pretentious. Thus, the localization of the studio, the innovative things become differentiating factors for the live casino software operators, which continuously offers new products and solutions. Most of the online casinos present live BlackJack, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Poker games, with numerous innovations launches in this sector.

Together with the optimal solutions offered by the telecommunications companies, in what regards the mobile infrastructure, there appeared Live Gaming Productions, which has its studio within Palace Casino – Casa Vernescu. We have thoroughly prepared, and now we follow how the market of Live Games transmitted online develops in Romania as well. At business level, we want to be on top of this developing sector, determined by the end consumer, keeping pace with all the requirements from the casino players.
But about these aspects we will create new subjects, which you can find in the future numbers of the magazine Casino Life and Business Magazine.