Starting with our anniversary edition we present the horoscope for all the casino’s players.

The astral conjuncture is not favorable to you as has been until now, so more wisdom is required in the financial matters.

The interest in the financial area will exceed the normal level and you will be ready to go the extra mile for additional income. Be careful in the first week of the month!

Your skills to make gifts and handle money are at their peak during this interval. If involved in cooperation relations, act more tactfully towards your partners.

It is possible to have a not-so-pleasant surprise from someone. Anyway, avoid getting involved in activities bordering legality as you are at risk of losing that money in the first days of the month.

At the beginning of the month, you will be facing certain expenses that will make your budget wobble. You will be given a bigger chance in the second half.

It is quite difficult to manage the material obstructions. Still, you could have something happy occur in the first half of the month.

You are facing a time that will not bring you major financial changes. Good luck will probably come your way if involved in certain cooperation relations.

Your gain is likely to increase starting with June 12 – but take care! You could be the victim of a fraud. Also, avoid the real estate transactions.

The interest in a cooperation is on the rise. If you start a new business, don’t expect the results be visible too soon. Be careful to make financial investments.

The advice from your friends is not the best, so you’d better take decisions on your own. Some expenses might be needed in your house.

You are tempted to enter very risky financial activities, but – watch out – any mistake can cost you more than you imagine.

Serious efforts are required to implement your financial projects. Some good results could show in the first half of the month.


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