La Mulți Ani 2022 Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022, with health, happiness and prosperity, wishes you your favorite publication Casino Life & Business Magazine.

It is ending a very strange year, a year in which health terrorism has become a world policy and Governments have competed in restrictive measures, a year full of obstacles of all kinds and lies, which are more and more rumored.
And yet a year in which, despite all obstacles, business continued, harder, but continued.
The world has learned to live in a pandemic and is already considering the pandemic as the new normal.
The mask, the vaccine and the green pass are the main topics of the year, topics imposed by the Governments of the countries of the world, Governments have felt the sweet taste of easy money and led these social pressures to paroxysm.

And yet, despite all the opposition, the world is moving forward and waiting quietly (for how long?!) for things to change.

You can no longer make predictions in the economy, everything goes randomly, but the world and especially the business world has become accustomed and learned to develop “blindly”, as they say, without relying on planning and stability.

And whoever has managed to learn this lesson has developed whoever does not, gives a mouthful and accuses those who have managed to learn. But it was always the same, even if the environment was normal.

Under these conditions, with the Omicron sword above our heads, a difficult and strange year ends and a new year begins, in which we all have high hopes for normalcy.

And because we are still at the turn of the year, we want to thank you for being with us, for reading us regularly, and for actively participating in all of our events.
You make us exist!
And for the New Year 2022 we wish you only health, happiness, luck and prosperity, but also the fulfillment of all wishes and the materialisation of all dreams!

Happy New Year 2022!

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