The famous Italian singer and actor Gianni Morandi gave a concert in Romania on October 27, at Palatului Hall. In his long career, the charismatic solo singer composed songs like ‚In Ginocchio da Te’, ‘Belinda’, ‘Loredana’, ‘Occhi Di Ragazza’ şi ‘Parla Più Piano’, which brought him sale of over 49 million of albums. He was also got cast in over 18 movies and did a good job, too. The great artist of the Italian stage, now aged 68, obliged to give an exclusive interview to our publication ,Casino Life & Business Magazine’. The meeting had place at the Odeon Restaurant & Events Complex, part of the Premier Palace group of companies, along with the Premier Palace Hotel & Spa and Terasa Berarilor – Garden Club.
The group of companies managed by businessman Marian Dumitru was the main sponsor of Gianni Morandi’s concert in Romania.
Here is the full interview with the Italian artist:
– Welcome to Romania, Mr. Gianni Morandi. It is truly an honor to have this interview with you in person. We would like to have you answer a few questions for our publication, ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’, which is the first publication in Romania talking about gambling.
– I am a player myself!
– This is going to be a later question.
– Very good.
– I know that you visited Romania in the 70’s and came back here in the 90’s. How do you see Romania today?
– It has been many years and, yes, I see it totally different. A lot of diversity between the 1973 and 2012. The city is now more dynamic, more animated than it was 40 years ago.

– You are very much involved in athletism. Is this sport that keeps you so fit?
– I run a lot. I love doing sports. It is beneficial to your health. This is my advice for everyone: to take exercises – just sitting in front of the TV set won’t do any good to you. It is excellent to move a lot, walk among people, in the streets, be part of the nature. If I miss a running session, I will go for a walk, at least.

– You recorded 38 albums and made over 18 movies. Which one did you like better: being an actor or a singer?
– I played in over 20 movies, but music is my darling. I feel so good when I am up on the stage and sing.
– What is the most beautiful movie you were in?
– They are the movies in the 60’s, where I also sing so many songs. Then, I worked with famous producers, such as Pietro Germi, in a movie called ‘Le castagne sono buone’. Recently, I made a movie in Italy – a serious movie, where I play a serious character. A nice experience, but music is my life.

– As a host to the Sanremo contest many seasons in a row, what do you think about the today musicians compared to the ones in the 70’s?
– Italians or international?
– Italians.
– I truly believe that the great tradition in the 70’s, when we were exporting our music to the whole world, can have a new beginning with singers like Tiziano Ferro, Cezare Cremonini, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and others. Andrea Bocelli is also an extraordinary artist, singing a different music. I think that the Italian music writers can give a new push to the Italian music.

– We are a publication that talks about the life style in the gambling world. On this topic, what is your take on gambling in general?

– If it turns into a disease, then danger is ahead. I have seen people who were still playing even though they had lost control. But playing means emotions. Many of them. I remember playing in casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and other places and I can tell you that adrenaline is high. You need to keep everything under control, do not go to the extremes. It is like when you drink too much brandy. You drink too much, you get sick. You drink moderately, you are just fine.

– What is your favorite game?
– I am a poker player, like it very much.

– Traditional or what version?

– 36, I play the 36-card poker. With the one with 52 cards, I am not feeling at ease.

– Which casino did you enjoy more? You said you played in Las Vegas, in Europe…
– Las Vegas is quite special, but I also love Monte Carlo. In Italy, we have the casinos in Venice and San Remo. Here, in Bucharest, I have not had the chance to visit any. But I want to come and play. I will need a lot of lei, but……

– Any piece of advice for the players?

– They should try to win and when that happens, they must stop, otherwise they could lose it all.

– Your opinion about our publication?
– I browsed through some issues. What a beautiful cover you had with Rafael Nadal. You can also use your great tennis player Ilie Nastase for the first cover.

– A message for our readers?
– I send warm greetings to them and wish them luck every time they play at the casino.

– Thank you for the interview.

– Same here!


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