The Get’s Bet name on the Romanian betting market has for some time become synonymous with performance and seriousness. A hundred percent Romanian Brand, in about 10 years of operation, he climbed to the top of the proceeds, always inspiring fresh air among customers. Get’s Bet has specialized in franchising agencies as well as its own locations, thus becoming an important player in the sports betting industry with nearly 600 agencies.
Starting with a young and dynamic team that has gained a strong experience in the past, and which has expanded with the expansion of the company with an open approach with innovative ideas that always put the player first. Even so, we like to think of a small team, considering the size of the company.
Trust is the most valuable thing in such a field! And what can be more convincing than the fact that Get’s Bet is a 100% Romanian capital company? Because we care about our customers, we take care to respond promptly and with maximum seriousness to all requests. We provide support to our clients, both through emails and on the phone, through dedicated lines for each type of customer. For agency issues, but also for online issues through a specialized call center service.
“This size of the team has helped us over time to be very agile and flexible, not requiring dozens of emails and approvals from a busy board of directors or shareholders to make a decision. This is a very important thing in an ever-growing market that is becoming more mature and sophisticated, both in terms of customers and partners, franchisees,“ said Cristian Roman – Managing Partner Get’s Bet.

From the autumn of 2018, under the same name, with the same brand, but in a more agreeable form, with a more visual and friendly signage, you became acquainted with the new Get’s Bet. Brighter, more elastic and very close to the modern and current market demands! Following the rebranding, the company has grown fabulous, so far at least doubling its turnover every year, and operating at this time a large number of franchise agencies, of course, further expanding.
By far, Get’s Bet is one of the best and most competitive on the market. Multiple bets and their derivatives, live bets, excellent odds, validations and quick payouts are just some of the features of our offer. In addition to classic sports betting, in our agencies you can place bets on numbers to countless international lotteries or virtual gaming bets.
And Get’s Bet continues to innovate and perfect! More recently, it has developed a new and important direction: Sports betting terminals for partners, with the lowest commission on the market! Practically, Get’s Bet provides a consistent long-term benefit to all of its partners. It is the ideal business model, 100% functional and detailed. And the partner’s investment is a minimal one.
The terminal is a unitary and independent system where players can make their own betting tickets without the intervention of the betting operator. The terminal uses the organizer’s betting software program, operating according to the same principles. The player / customer draws up his own betting slip and pays it through a fully secure banknote acceptor.
I supported various social projects, but at the same time we linked an important partnership to the big football world. Thus, I became the main sponsor of FC Hermannstadt’s first division, Sibiu, a team that promoted in the first league and has very good results in the League One and the Romanian Cup. “We can say that we have chosen a sports partner similar to us as a profile. We grow together and we expect them to get even greater results, “said Cristian Roman – Managing Partner Get’s Bet.

I remembered earlier about my partners! Get’s Bet now has a record number of agencies in partnership. No wonder that after this time, Get’s Bet has become the top franchise operator! The most serious and the most handy partner of those who want to manage such a business. Today, through this method, over 600 independent betting agencies are open today and are now part of the Get’s Bet network. And demand is steadily rising, making Get’s Bet a top ranked franchise!
Get’s Bet’s success has made simulators in the field, many trying to imitate this business model, but without succeeding in overcoming the incontestable popularity among gamblers.

It is certain that many of those who chose to open a betting house in conjunction with Get’s Bet did not regret the choice made, and their success was guaranteed. Especially since the procedures for the collaboration have been, are and will always be extremely simple, without complications in the bureaucracy. The business system is a verified, tested, constantly improving.

How do you become a GET’S BET partner in simple steps?
Step 1: Apply and validate – apply by email, Whatsapp, SMS, or directly by phone (Advice, Viewing and Validating Commercial Space)
Step 2: Signing the Contract – Submitting Documents (Counselling Drawing Documents, Validating Documents)
Step 3: Agency Arrangement (counselling / support in space planning, training operators)
Step 4: Opening the agency (legal steps, opening organization)
The agency can be arranged according to the package chosen by the partner, with the option of choosing the type of investment desired. With the increase of the investment chosen, the partner’s profit increases.
The betting software offered is extremely easy to operate, so it does not require any employee experience.
Those who choose Get’s Bet have the opportunity to make increased payouts and can fully assume the responsibility of paying their winnings to customers through their unbeatable offer, a complete and varied, by generating virtual tickets directly from the site, and through the extraordinary chance of collaborating perhaps with the best and most experienced team of bookmakers in Romania.
The website offers the contact details needed to initiate the franchising process, and from there the road is open! The team of professionals in the company is ready to assist anybody who wants to join the big Get’s Bet family.
The continuing desire for expansion guarantees a successful partnership! A unique brand that cannot be confused with any other brand on the market.
As for Get’s Bet Retail, Cristian Roman, Managing Partner Get’s Bet, told us: “Being aware of the size of the available capital, we decided to continue aggressively developing franchise agencies and we seem to have succeeded!”

After an elaborate work that lasted more than a year of a department of some ambitious and skilled people, on March 8, 2018, the long awaited event of many people in the industry – officially got Get’s Bet Online. Even more surprising is the result so far, namely that we discover one of the best sports betting products on the Romanian market today, and this is not even a case in view of the solid partnership between Get’s and SbTech, one of the biggest suppliers online sports betting in the world.
The platform gives you the ideal setting to make both virtual tickets that can be played in agencies and to create an online gambling account where you can place bets at any time. The online platform hosts bets on a multitude of pre-match sports, live bets, casino, games, and a spectacular live casino!
After launching online bets, taking into account the platform’s performance, we can say that Get’s Bet can sit at the table with the established operators in the Romanian market, and compete successfully. Especially since we plan to introduce new products in the casino section as well as offline products such as international lotteries and virtual games. At the same time, the partnership with SbTech gives us the opportunity to bring in innovative functionalities for the sports betting section in Romania.

For 5 years we have been staying with a generous stand at the Arena Expo, the most important local event of the gaming industry, a place where we meet every year with current and future partners, where we launch new products and where we make a surprise gift for visitors to our stand.
The reward for our work has not been delayed. The 100% Romanian Get’s Bet Company was declared the winner of the “Most Popular Romanian Betting House” award in 2017 and “the best Romanian bookmaker” – by the readers in 2018.

The story of the most important bookmakers with 100% Romanian capital continues!

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