Uplatform states that 70 per cent of online betting revenue is derived from mobile devices in 2020 alone.

Nowadays mobile phones are used for everything from social media to photo editing, from shopping to dating apps like Tinder. Mobile betting, however, might surprise many people with its figures. Around 55 per cent of bettors use their mobile devices to bet online. Consider that over 26 per cent of the population gamble, and try to guess how many people around you are betting at the very moment while looking at their phones.

Uplatform, the dynamic sports betting and casino operating platform states that 70 per cent of online betting revenue is derived from mobile devices in 2020 alone. It includes various verticals of this market, for example, sports betting, casino, bingo, lotteries, and poker games, among many others.

Who, where, and why?

Access to the internet via mobile phones makes online betting accessible to nearly everyone. The Gambling Commission reported that in 2020 the most common method of accessing online betting remained mobile phones, particularly among younger adults under 35 years of age.

Men and women bet online in nearly equal numbers, with 56 per cent of men and 44 per cent of women betting online. Interesting to note is that female bettors tend to use mobile devices more frequently than male bettors. Approximately 55 per cent of women bet using their mobile devices.

Why do players prefer to bet via mobile?

There is no doubt that convenience is the answer to this question. Betting on mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular among players because mobile phones are faster, easier to use, and always on hand, unlike computers, and also do not require taking time to plan a trip to the betting shop. Thanks to smartphones, players can enjoy casino games and bet online from almost anywhere and at any time, thanks to increasing coverage of fast and cheap 5G connections.

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