A Genting Casino in Edgbaston Birmingham known for having high end customers has been robbed twice now in two months.

The most recent robbery happened on Thursday 15th June at 2am when five masked robbers burst into the casino carrying large machetes and some gamblers fearing it was possibly a terrorist attack.

One gambler injured himself by fleeing from a window, a casino cahier was attacked during the robbery which resulted in the theft of cash and valuables from customers and the casino cash desk.

Previously in April 16 five men again masked carrying knives, base ball bats and an axe burst into the casino at 9pm stealing money from customers and the cash desk.

Both times the robbers left within minutes beating the police both times.

One customer who was involved in the robbery last week said although Genting said on the April robbery it was reviewing its security procedures nothing has changed and there was absolutely no protection what so ever for customers or staff.
“Genting’s Edgbaston casino is frequented by higher end gamblers and this is the reason that robbers have now twice targeted the premises said one gambler, it is an easy target.”

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