When people appreciate you, congratulate and want you around, what else more can you wish for?

These are the feelings mixing in the requests that we receive daily, coming from people wanting us to be partners to various events, original and successful, normal events in a normal society.

And the month of May just exceeded all the expectations in terms of major events…

We are of course honored about the calls of the organizers and we love being partners to all the events of superior quality. But there are objective reasons that restrict our presence to all of them.

Hence, we have to make a selection and we only attend and promote those events that are, as said, „creme de la creme”.

From the myriad of events which we are asked to come to, the selection follows the criteria of direct relevance for the magazine and our partners. We are fully aware that our participation is a wonderful opportunity for our clients to be promoted and associate their image with what that respective event means or to join other resonant names on the market.

This is the reason why we choose the best and make no compromise, as we are sure that our partners agree with this pattern. Together, we must refresh the image of the gambling industry in Romania.

And…we must be doing something good, since organizers from all strata invite us to be their partners, and our clients have recognized and started making our attendance to the events more lucrative.

What another proof we need for a greater acknowledgment of our publication, when we are called to be present at five-star events…

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