Loteria franceză, French Lottery

French Lottery to be privatised after France adopts casino regulations.

France is preparing to privatise La Française des Jeux, the operator of the country’s national lottery games, with regulations that would give the buyer of the state-owned company a 25-year monopoly to operate retail, online lottery and retail sports betting.

The operator who will take over the French Lottery will also be allowed to offer random number generator games and prohibit any operator other than La Française des Jeux from offering lottery betting.

The regulations also create a gambling regulator composed of nine members, with one appointed by the Assembly, Senate and president and six appointed by decree.

Française des Jeux (FDJ) is the operator of France’s national lottery games, and the title sponsor of the FDJ cycling team. The name of the company loosely translates as The French Games. The company is owned and operated by the French government. In July 2018, the French government, which currently owns 72% of FDJ, has decided to take the company public and sell off 50% of its ownership. This is in hopes of rejuvenating the national treasury.[1]

In addition to lottery games, the company also provides online games and sports betting markets, such as football, cycling and track/field.

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