CT Gaming

FREE for Emergency period, major discounts for the social distancing time

The company took advantage of the unprecedented situation we all faced by investing in R&D efforts and new offers.

During the pause in global gaming business and as the adjustments to the new normal is in progress in the society, CT Gaming has been actively working on new strategies and product releases, planning to support its customers and partners. The company continues to deliver the highest levels of performance, availability, and security and is fully operational.
„For 20 years, we have been honored by the trust that the clients have placed in us as a business partner to help you drive your business forward and to deliver exceptional entertainment experiences for your players. Our core values of trust, customer success and, innovation continue to guide everything we do“, said Bogdan Smeu, Sales Manager at CT Gaming Romania.
“We would like to assure you that our team remains focused on your success and on our mutual business projects. Our relentless commitment to success is stronger than ever.
We are ready to assist you wherever possible by offering all assistance if needed, to bring your gaming business goals and vision to effect”, explained Robert Stancu, Sales Manager at CT Gaming Romania and added that the company has prepared special offers for its clients as follows:

For leases:
– For existing contracts – 50% discount for July and August 2020, provided that on 20.07.2020 your company does not register outstanding debts to our company (the balance of previous invoices to be paid on time).
– For the extension of leases – two months free (the first two months, provided that the last month of the contract is paid in advance).

For sales contracts:
– Extension of the sales contract for a period of up to 6 months and rescheduling the remaining payment rates.
Aiming to improve the customer experience, CT Gaming Romania has launched new support website for all its clients. It is available at www.ro.ctgaming.com. This web site provides certification required by O.N.J.N. and issues bulletins on regular basis regarding company`s products with improved functionality and easy access to essential information.

“We are thrilled to debut our new support website to our clients who are looking to understand the breadth of CT Gaming products and services,” said Cristian Munteanu, Product Manager and added that setting an account is needed to access the content.

New product releases

CT Gaming launched new mulitgames from the TOWER and the Speedway series specially adapted to the Romanian market. The fascinating new games in the TOWER 103 are combined with well-known and sought after by the players titles. The multigames are coming with the EZ Modulo series of cabinets.
“TOWER 103 is an exciting collection of games engineered specifically for core players, where they will find their favorite titles like Wizard Blizzard, Duck of Luck and new titles like Enchanted Fruits, 40 Riches, Amethyst Magic, The Magic of the Night Flower. The game pack was created to help casinos of all sizes make the big play today“, explained Robert Stancu Sales Manager at CT Gaming Romania and added that the game pack provides 40 games within one machine, instantly increasing variety.
Within Speedway 77 every game is a player`s favorite – proven titles with original math models. Adding to the fun, the game pack has different types of bonus schemes, an option the player to choose himself the volatility of the game by selecting the appropriate Scatter symbol and supporting multi-level Progressive Jackpot.
“With our new multigame offerings we have taken player fun and operator profit potential to the next level. We have created an exclusive series of top performing games, and packaged them in exciting collections”, said Mr. Stancu.

CT Gaming`s game developers are exploring ways to introduce technologies that allow players to personalize their gaming experience. But, still most important remains the ‘rhythm’ of the game that will keep the customers in the game and bring them back to the game through the winnings, bonuses, rewards and jackpots. The company continues to invest in new jackpot concepts and new tools that makes the gaming experience of the players unique. By embracing and adapting to the changes of our new social, business and economic environment caused by the current pandemic outbreak, we envision an exciting time ahead. The new reality will shape the future of the industry and create new opportunities for gaming with a much more personalized gaming experience that will bring the players to a new level of omnichannel gaming entertainment.