An event in Bulgaria

Five fighters in Varna

Raul Cătinaş, Cătălin Moroşanu, Andrei Stoica, Benny Adegbuyi and Corneliu Rus are the five sportsmen who will represent Romania during the third World Grand Prix of the Superkombat circuit to take place on July 7, in the Bulgarian resort of Varna.

In one of his most important matches, Corneliu Rus will oppose a legendary K-1 fighter, Alexey Ignashov from Belarus. The same fighter who won against Badr Hari, Semmy Schilt, Peter Aerts and Remy Bonjasky, among others.

Should Raul Cătinaş, Andrei Stoica and Cătălin Moroşanu fight in super-fights, then Benny Adegbuyi will have the opportunity to qualify for the Final Elimination in November – this is because he will participate in the pyramid of four, along with Mladen Brestovac (Croatia), Kostadin Kostov (Bulgaria) and Rogava Tsotne (Ukraine).

Recently elected as a county counselor in Iasi, Cătălin Moroşanu
will have his first match from his position of a political man. ‚Those d*** Bulgarians, they took us the tourists, but I’m gonna bring them back. We’re gonna beat them all up in Bulgaria’, said the one nicknamed ‚Death from Carpathians’. During the third WGP of the year, sportsmen from 10 countries will be present and the event will be broadcast live in 75 countries.

During the event in the 6,000-seat hall in the city of Varna, the
Superkombat world heavy category belt will be disputed in a match that will oppose Ismael Londt (Surinam) and the French Freddy Kemayo.

Promoter Irimia advertises for the Romanian tourism on the rival beach

Eduard Irimia, the President of Superkombat, has declared that he would promote in Varna the Romanian beach at the Black Sea. ‘During the gala, we will advertise for more clubs, hotels and restaurants on our seaside beach. Every weekend, it is estimated to have aprox. 20,000 Romanian tourists in Bulgaria, but for the gala I think that a third of the 6,000 seats will be occupied by Romanians, said promoter Eduard Irimia. An original way to attract tourists to Romania will be the presence of 10 girls in the Sexy Kombat team at Varna. ‘The casting will start soon and we will hand-pick 10 of the best girls, to impress the audience and give them a good reason to visit our country’, added the President of Superkombat.

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