‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’ , a reliable partner at Feeric Fashion Days

For a second year in a row, our publication ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’ – has been the media partner of the Contemporary Art Festival Feeric Fashion Days, an event that takes place in Sibiu, between 27 and 30 of June.

Our publication, ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’will be there to bring you the latest information from an event beyond all others, which it has been proudly promoting for the last two years. You will be able to read exclusive details in the future issue of our magazine. We take good pride in the fact that we are media partners to such a stylish, far-reaching show. On its fifth edition, Feeric Fashion Days event exhibits baroque as this year’s signature. Fashion designers, artists, photographers and theater actors from both Romania and abroad have already confirmed their participation.

Great personalities in attendance

The list of the fashion designers who will be present at the Contemporary Art Festival in Sibiu includes names like Răzvan Ciobanu, Rita Muresan, Agnes Toma, Catinca Roman, Wilhelmina Arz, Natalia Vasiliev, Anca and Silvia Negulescu, Simona Semen, Lucian Rusu, Antonia Giurgiu, Sandra Chira, Maria Simion, Astrid Tîrlea, Anca Stănilă, Adina Buzatu, Geanina Punkosti and Laura Lazăr. Our guests from Germany will be Samir Abou-Suede and Nadine Mathie, and Rhea Costa will be coming from the Republic of Moldova. The list will also accommodate names in the Romanian fashion, United Kingdom and Italy.

For everyone’s taste

Feeric Fashion Days is the greatest fashion and contemporary art festival in Romania. For four days, the city of Sibiu will be hosting fashion parades, exhibitions, books launching, theater plays, workshops, seminars. During the last two evenings, Gala in Piata Mica will display the collections of the ‘hottest’ fashion designers and host musical performances of the top artists.

Our publication, ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’ provides for you the four-day program of the enchanting event in Sibiu, where we have the highest pleasure to be media partners.

26 of June 2012
12.00 – Press Conference
14.00 – Official meeting
20.00 – Opening reception of the festival

27 of June 2012
14.00 – Workshop – fashion photography
15.00 – Neon equipment / Gallery of the contemporary art
18.00 – Fashion presentation / Cetătii Street
21.00 – Fashion photography exhibition / Piata Mare
21.30 – Fashion drama / Atrium Café
23.00 – Fashion Fever / The Box

28 of June 2012
14.00 – Workshop – fashion photography
15.00 – Fashion presentation / Brukenthal Avrig Palace
18.00 – Fashionation Exhibition / Piata Mică
20.00 – Fashion presentation / Reading hall of the Astra Library
21.30 – Architecture exhibition/ Astra Library
23.00 – Cocktail / Patio of Astra Library

29 of June 2012
13.00 – Architecture seminar / The Mirrors Hall
14.00 – Workshop – fashion photography
15.00 – Fashion presentation / Boromir Flour Warehouse
18.00 – Opening of the Feeric boutique / City Hall of Sibiu
20.00 – Feeric Gala part I / Piata Mică
23.00 – Feeric afterparty

30 of June 012
10.00 – Feeric boutique / City Hall of Sibiu
13.00 – Book launching / Astra Library
14.00 – Workshop – fashion photography
15.00 – Fashion presentation / Dumbrava woods
19.00 – Musical puppets – parade
20.00 – Feeric Gala part II / Piata Micâ
23.00 – Feeric afterparty

1 of July 2012
15.00 – Closing of Feeric boutique / City Hall of Sibiu
19.00 – Festival closing dinner


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