He is one of the television stars who has won a well-deserved popularity among his audience. He has already proved to be a professional, as the Super Bingo Metropolis shows are increasingly watched. Plus, he is a simple, honest and extremely candid interlocutor. Mihai Mitoseru has given us an exclusive heartfelt interview, to be read bellow.

You turned 38 on July 5. How did you spend the day and feel at this age?
-I feel happy and fulfilled in the professional category. I partied for three days, lucky me to have so many friends. The most rewarding gift was that my mother came out well after her surgery.

What is your best wish, Mihai Mitoseru?
-To be healthy…

Do you have any regrets, something you wished had done so far and have not?
-Only one, that I have no children (or at least one I should know of).

What is Super Bingo Metropolis for you?
– It means my new family, a lot of people staging an exceptional
show. Starting with the street vendors to the people backstage
doing the show that I feel so gratified to host. I am indeed lucky
to do exactly what I love doing and you can see this on the TV

How do you think that the people appreciate it, as you are directly
involved in this Antena 1 show?
– People are happy, they even stop me on the street and tell me
that this is the only show where they expect to win so many big
prizes. Just think, we give away 4 millions of lei during every show.
Money, houses, cars, when there is no other show running today
that does it.

Should you were not the show host, would you buy cards and
– Of course, I have been playing bingo since 1998.

How do you convince the distrustful TV viewers to play Bingo?
– Honestly. This is a transparent game, where luck shows up
when needed. But luck does not come if you are not buying the cards.
Most players buy at least a series of orange cards every week.

Your personal take on gambling?
Have you ever played? If yes, where and how would you
describe your experience in a casino?
– Besides bingo, I do not really play anything else. My father used
to be a player and lost a Dacia car to his hobby during Ceausescu time; I am really afraid not to have it run in the family.

How do you work with Tociu and Palade?
– I truly believe that they are the best comedians in Romania, the only ones who managed to adjust themselves in so many years; moreover, I think we are the perfect team.

Not long ago, you told Simona Gherghe during her show
that you had expressly asked to co-host with Cruduta – Daniela Crudu. You are a fantastic pair, why did you want her so much in the show?
– She is a professional person, willing to learn how to host a show. And, yes, we are a good team. Without her, I would have hosted it by myself. I cannot work with someone who would be slowing me down.

Tell us about the reaction of a Super Bingo Metropolis winner
that impressed you most?
– The happiness of the person who won over 107,000 euros during the bingo game, the great Accumulated Bingo and Super Bingo. We met him to congratulate for his success – he was shivering, talking non-stop and told me that he was feeling better than at his wedding or when his wife gave birth.

What about the funniest time in the show?
– There were plenty of them, but I remember when we had fish
in the show, with fishing as a topic.
It was stinking on the set and Cruduta was running after me to put an octopus on my head, while kept throwing fish at me.

You are an upbeat, joyful guy, with a positive energy streaming out of the glass. Is this also your daily mood, in your real life?
– Yes, I an energetic person, full of life. When in trouble, I have
been taught to laugh it off. Time passes the same, I always see
the full half of the glass. I know how to work really hard and also to have fun.

Are you a star? How do people react when they meet and recognize
you on the street?
– In Romania, to say that you are a star leaves room for discussions,
while Sexy Braileanca falls into the same category. What is important
is that the people who know me smile at me, are glad when talking to me wherever we meet.

What is your best professional wish?
– To have higher and higher rating and make the players happy at Super Bingo Metropolis.

And for your private life?
– A family.

If you had to change something for you, what would that be?
– My girlfriend.

What do you see your strongest point?
– Being reliable.

Your motto in life?
– If not Fizz, then who?

A final thought for the readers of our publication, “Casino Life
& Business Magazine”?
-Play, win, have fun!

Make-up: Mirela Vescan – Rimmel London
Assistent make-up: Adela Pasca
Hair-styling: Florin Cova, salon Laurent Tourette
Outfit for Mihai Mitoseru: Damat
Outfit for Daniela Crudu: Ellida Toma

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