As the only media partner from Romania of Eventus International we have received the following press release regarding the 6th edition of SBEA+ 2020.

In the build-up to SBEA+ 2020, which is now taking place from 20 to 21 October 2020, we proudly look back on the last five years, from when SBEA+ began, to where it is now.

Eventus International was founded back in 2012 with an original goal to establish the African gaming market with events such as the BiG Africa Supershow, Sports Betting East Africa (SBEA) Summit and Sports Betting West Africa (SBWA) Summit. Back in 2011, there were no gaming events whatsoever on the African continent and not many even recognised Africa as a potential gaming hub. Although many regulations were at infancy stage, the events hosted by Eventus International offered a platform for regulators, operators and solution providers to meet and share ideas to ultimately shape the industry for years to come. Sports Betting East Africa was one of the brand new editions to Eventus International’s African gaming events, which aimed to open up the East African Gaming Market. The very first edition kicked off in 2015 and since then, the East African gaming industry has grown at a much greater pace, showing greater potential year by year.

The sixth edition of the renowned Sports Betting East Africa+ summit will take place in Kampala, Uganda. SBEA+ has consistently proved to be not only an esteemed gaming summit and exhibition but also a vital focus for East African operators, regulators and other industry game players. Each former edition of the summit has been marked by great success and SBEA+ 2020 is anticipated to once again be a well attended and highly insightful summit for all delegates.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network at this massive gathering of gaming professionals and stakeholders, coming together to hear the latest about the East African sports betting industry from key industry stakeholders.

The 6th Annual Edition of SBEA+ will offer:
– A discussion of the developments shaping the future of sports betting in East Africa will be held, including the role of operators in product innovation
– Knowledge and insights from top industry leaders and experts
– The opportunity to understand the East African gaming climate
– A chance to meet and network with industry peers
– A space to discuss future industry trends, opportunities and risks
– Discovery of new technologies, payment and software solutions for your business

One of the SBEA+ 2020 speakers shared: “SBEA is a meeting of minds of industry practitioners and regulators. It facilitates constructive engagement among stakeholders for positive industry and economic outcome.” – Paul Lakuma, Research Analyst EPRC.

Isaac Imaka, Chairman Responsible Gaming and Betting Operators Network, a speaker for SBEA+ had this to share: “For a country like Uganda where the betting and Gaming sector is in its nascent stage, SBEA has given both the operators and the regulator (government) a platform to discuss and understand each others’ needs and is now gradually heading to a point where they are in a sector as partners in development with policies that work for all.

We will continue to grow this booming industry in Uganda and East Africa as a whole by hosting SBEA+ 2020 which is set to be a gathering of top industry stakeholders, a chance to be a part of the booming sports betting industry in East Africa.

In celebration of International Workers’ Day, we would like to offer you a: 2-FOR-1 DELEGATE SPECIAL AVAILABLE UNTIL 1 MAY 2020.
Register now for SBEA+ 2020, so you don’t miss out:

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