10 Ani de Poveste A Story of 10 Years

A Story of 10 Years for EasyPay and an interview with Serghei Fraseniuc, the man who created this Story.

First of all, Happy Anniversary and congratulations for the 10 years of activity, wishing you many more and more successful!

What is the story of these 10 years?

It is interesting that we founded the company in 2010, in the midst of a crisis. I did it thinking of a business that would work even when things weren’t going well. And so I chose the self service payment segment!
I traveled often and used these types of services in other countries, but they did not exist in Romania, so I thought of starting the business here.
We purchased the first payment terminals that we implemented in the market and which, at that time, contained only 3 services: mobile telephony. Today, after 10 years, there are over 100 active services on terminals. We ended the first year of activity with a total of 50 terminals purchased and implemented in the market.
Because, however, we bought them from other countries at very high prices, in 2011 I had the first thought about our own production. Said and done! We formed a team, we invested in equipment and thus we ended the second year of activity, with the first 100 terminals produced for us.
And because we don’t just think about ourselves, we also support the Rapid women’s basketball team, but also other associations, with which we are from the very beginning, basketball being a passion for me.
And as the good news circulates quickly, the year 2012 came with market demands, so we started to produce the terminals for sale, both in Romania and in other countries.
Already, here the company was divided into 2 structures: the one with its own network of terminals and the manufacturer.
In 2013 we already started the development of the product portfolio and we considerably increased the network of terminals, signing contracts with the main retail networks in Romania.
Also then I chose to participate in the E-Arena exhibition and since then we do it annually, the interest being to develop the part of sports betting terminals, today being in the range of 10 different models in terms of design, price and technical configuration, promoted under the registered brand EasyBet.

After the first participation in the E-Arena, we extended to ICE London, but also to other profile exhibitions in other countries, the main objective remaining to offer, always the best ratio between quality and price, the shortest time of delivery, relying on internal stocks and satisfied customers who, in the end, offer us the best recommendations!
Obviously, we needed to close this cycle, namely an internal service to maintain our own terminals but also those sold. So, since 2015 we have invested in a team of technicians who are constantly in charge of maintenance and service.
Today, we operate as a group of companies: EasyPay System – our own network of 700 payment terminals, EasyPay Production – production and Easy Technix – service.

How do you celebrate 10 years of activity and what are your plans for the future?

We celebrate the 10 years of activity also in a year of crisis, in which, I can say that the basic business continues to work!
Given the fact that the EasyPay group has gradually grown, constantly investing in team and development, we are confident that we will overcome this impasse and be able to fulfill our plans to expand our sales to other countries that we have not accessed. still, but also to increase the network of terminals.
In principle, we covered the entire betting market in Romania and we discovered that in this period of restrictions we can operate, at most, even the payment terminals, adding each betting company, in the form of a service, where customers can fund their accounts to bet online, but also to withdraw their winnings, so the Cash IN – Cash OUT solution.

We congratulate you for these 10 years of Story and we wish you a lot of success!

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