Europe’s iGaming Boom: Spotlight on Italy and Germany

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The European online gaming scene is filled with opportunities, with Italy and Germany leading the way. Explore these impactful iGaming events in Europe: The 2nd Annual Online Casino Summit Italia (OCSI) and the 4th Annual iGaming Germany (iGG).

Italy: A Thriving Market Poised for Growth
Italy’s online casino market is expected to reach US$4.03 billion by 2028, driven by a strong compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.85% (2024 – 2028). This significant growth creates an attractive opportunity for both established and emerging operators. While a streamlined licensing system requires a significant investment, it fosters a fairer and more transparent playing field, ultimately benefiting the entire industry. The Online Casino Summit Italia 2024, held in Rome on 9 – 10 May, equips you with the knowledge and connections to thrive in this dynamic market.

Italy’s Renaissance: Embracing Innovation
The recent Italian tech innovations and regulatory reforms present exciting opportunities:
● Revamped Licensing: A more efficient process with a €7 million fee and a limit of five operator licences eliminates “skin websites.”
● Cash-to-Digital Solutions: Solutions like OKTO’s “phygital” payments, which enable cash top-ups at physical locations, and PVR (Punti Vendita Ricarica) networks broaden the player base and promote responsible gambling.
● Combating the Black Market: Learn from experts on how to combat illegal operators and ensure a healthy, competitive environment.
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Germany: An Innovative Market Ready for Collaboration
Germany’s iGaming market is projected to reach US$6.96 billion by 2028. This surge is fueled by two key factors: legalisation in 2021 and the establishment of a central regulatory body, the Joint Gambling Authority (GGL), in early 2023. This regulatory framework, coupled with a strong user base, particularly among younger demographics, is attracting online gambling operators seeking licences. However, fostering a sustainable and responsible environment requires collaboration between all industry stakeholders. iGaming Germany 2024, to be held in Munich on 5 – 6 June, connects industry leaders to address key areas for a healthy market:
● Harnessing Technology: Explore how AI and VR can enhance user experiences and attract new demographics.
● Streamlining the Market: Discover how to navigate the licensing process and unlock Germany’s full potential.

iGaming Germany 2024 Tackles Stricter Advertising Regulations:
● Finding New Partnerships: Network with potential partners who can help you reach your target audience within the new framework.
● Staying Informed: Gain insights from experts on the latest trends in responsible advertising.
● Adapting to a Stricter Advertising Landscape: Gain insights on navigating new regulations and developing compliant marketing strategies.
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Online Casino Summit Italia & iGaming Germany 2024 highlight the importance of:
● Fostering Collaboration: Regulators, industry representatives, and consumer protection agencies must work together towards a robust and sustainable regulatory framework.
● Learning from Others: Analysing successful regulatory models in other countries can provide valuable insights for crafting effective policies.

Elevate your Business with Online Casino Summit Italia & iGaming Germany:
● Forge Valuable Relationships: Connect with investors and forge strategic partnerships.
● Gain Insight from C-Level Executives and stay ahead of the curve.
● Navigate the European Market: Delve into the intricacies, cultural nuance and potential of these unique markets.
● Network with Key Players: Build valuable connections with peers and potential partners.
● Capitalise on emerging market trends and opportunities.
● Discover Cutting-Edge Solutions: Find innovative technologies and tools to empower your business.

The Gateway to Growth: Networking & Business Development in Italy & Germany
The evolving regulatory landscapes in Italy and Germany present both challenges and immense opportunities for European operators, stakeholders, and industry influencers. The Online Casino Summit Italia and iGaming Germany 2024 serve as your gateway to navigating these complexities with ease. At these events, you’ll gain the connections and insights needed to thrive in the dynamic European market.

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