Ediție eMagazine

eMagazine edition for our Casino Life & Business Magazine for April 2020.

We are fully anchored in the harsh reality that the whole world is facing these days when the covid-19 enlargement does not stop.
We are aware of the gravity of the situation and we are determined to fight for the spread of this virus and return everyone to normal life.

In this context we want to keep employees, partners and subscribers from any unnecessary additional contacts, whether these are social contacts or only with products, but at the same time we want to keep the continuity in informing correctly and in due time, our partners, subscribers and readers.

Now when everyone is obliged to stay in the houses and to avoid any possible infection with coronavirus and when in Romania the State of Emergency is decreed and the people go on short trips to get the strictly necessary food and medicines, avoiding to meet with their peers or touch things, we think it is necessary, more than ever, to continue communication, but under maximum security conditions.

For this reason, being aware of the risks of publishing and sending a printed edition, we decided to publish a 100% online edition of our Casino Life & Business Magazine.

In this way, the first 100% online edition of Casino Life & Business Magazine, called eMagazine, will appear in the same period and will be similar to the editions that completed online the print edition of each month.

The advantages of this 100% online edition are likely to be enjoyed by the partners considering that, once edited, the eMagazine edition will not only be posted on our website whose traffic has increased by over 35% during this period, but will be transmitted through the system of Breaking News to the entire database with registrations from the country and abroad.
The online edition will also be transmitted in the weekly NewsLetter.

Thus the number of those who will read the 122/April eMagazine edition will be greatly increased!

Obviously, the articles in the 100% online edition 122/April will be posted gradually on the site, as we usually do with the current print editions of our magazine.

We believe that at this moment, more than ever we must be united and help one another, only thus we can overcome this great gap caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

We are convinced that, although socially distanced, communication between us must continue directly!