EGT participates since the early stages in Entertainment Arena Expo – an important event in the Romanian gambling industry. As in previous years, we have enjoyed once again being in a position to present the EGT updates and novelties at the EGT booth to the visitors of EArena Expo.
However, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors we received at EGT booth. Our sales team has been exceptionally busy with meetings with partners and potential partners throughout the 3 days of exhibition.
As always, EGT had spectacular entertainment shows prepared. Each show moment was conceived in order to showcase each new category of EGT products and services we presented, so that visitors can see in detail the advantages presented by each portfolio in itself. We are in the entertainment business, therefore it is important to us to highlight that entertainment is a key factor in development.
In this competitive industry innovation has always been the advantage of EGT and we are sure that continuous development is the way to success.
This is why we keep innovating, developing new technologies, unique designs for our products, games with impeccable quality – always something new that will ensure the audience is coming back for more.
The most notable highlight in EGT booth at the EArena Expo was the highly anticipated curved slot models P-42V Curved – one of the most recent developments of EGT, but also the newly developed “Fu Gui Rong Hua” Chinesethemed progressive jackpot available on the P-27/42 St cabinets and Super Premier slot cabinets with their cuttingedge technology and futuristic design.


Spectacular shows took place especially to showcase these slot machines with audience testing live the cabinets and applauding with enthusiasm the choreographies displayed for these specific cabinets in particular.
A novelty release that made a splash was the Collection Series mix: compilation of the most popular EGT titles and are driven by the powerful platform Exciter III. The player has the opportunity to choose between multiple denominations from the select game screen, using simple and convenient.
Alongside the slot machines awarded as grand prizes, also stood the wellknown P-24/24 Up, P-27/32H St, P-27/27 St and P-27/27 St Slim slot machines with the Premier-4, 5, 6, and Fruits multigames, and the jackpot systems Diamond Life, Cat 4 Cash, Egypt Quest and Lady’s Cards.
Several AWP machines completed the presentation of the company’s slot business unit, together with several refurbished slot machines specially brought in order for visitors to see and test in real time during the 3 days of exhibition. In the case of the refurbished slot machines, expert technician re-analyzed each element of the machine in order to bring them back to top shape and ready to be placed in gaming halls.
The fans of online gaming were delighted with the rich portfolio of new titles for both desktop computers and mobile devices, available in EGT booth in the specially arranged Interactive Area that was fully equipped with computers and mobile devices.
The Interactive Team warmly welcomed the online operators with complete information and details of how to better develop online casinos. EGT’s multiplayer division gained the fascination of Arena Expo’s audience with some of its most successful products. The Luxury touch table (LTT) of the eponymous series, which already won worldwide recognition thanks to its innovative technology and ergonomic design, was equipped with an automated roulette wheel. Five STORK terminals, connected to a live, an automated roulette wheel and to a bingo machine, proved again their versatility to be part of many and different configurations. The automated roulette Premier R8 with 8 gaming stations was also present with its Rigel-2 multigame mix, which included 40 slot games, allowing the connection to up to six automated and live roulette wheels and combines them with the mystery jackpot system Jackpot Cards.


Pyramid CMS – the new Casino Management System developed entirely by our Romanian top engineers met its audience for the first time at EArena Expo as well. The visitors were delighted by the user friendly interface, the highly customizable features and the multitude of modules the system provides: Accounting, Multi-Site Monitoring, Player Tracking, and Cashless with TiTo and card, Advertising, SMS and E-mail notifications, Security.

We launched
We are very excited to announce the launch of our Romanian version website. Visit us at our new web address The site features the same bright red colors and uncluttered design you are used with. We made the new website mobile friendly, so you can access the website anywhere, anytime.
We also want to give you the opportunity to know us better, who we are as a company. For this, the News section of the website will continuously provide updated news so you’ll get a pretty good idea of what we do and when.
One of the most noticeable changes on the new site is the Social Media section.
You can now find and communicate with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and watch the amazing footage we take at our events, on YouTube. Don’t forget to Like and Share.
You’ll find also some features that we are still working on, like the online configurator, so keep a close watch and prepare to be amazed by our future updates.
Our Marketing team has worked hard to put together this website, rich in information, to be used as a resource so we look forward to hearing any feedback from you.

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