EGT welcomes all visitors to the zone of expertise and excellence.

Booth S4-330 of EGT, EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive share the gaming’s spirit of genius at the ICE 2019 and will keep the spark of innovativeness, engineering brilliance, smart design and over-the-top gaming content at its 1,200 square meters during the three days of the event.

EGT – new generation products that raise the bar in the industry
Over 260 gaming stations are part of a genuine display. Three jackpots reveal their themes for the first time at the show. Jackpot Cards is based on brand new slot cabinets and on already proven jackpots of EGT. The Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades are its main characters and after them are named the four mystery progressive levels. Three brand new LED dual-sided jackpot panels of different sizes and design have been especially created for Jackpot Cards. They will fascinate the players with animations and remarkable style.

The jackpot Ancient Spin takes the visitors to the realm of the ancient gods of Egypt. In the beginning of the journey is the main game Egyptian Princess (5 reels, 40 lines) that leads to free spins, or to the vast array of awards of outer bonus and inner jackpot wheels. Ancient Spin is accommodated in the elegant Curved cabinets of EGT and projects the jackpots’ values on a 42-inch Rainbow panel.

Pharaohs, queens, scarabs and lots of sunny mood accompany the visitors in their quest for hidden treasures on the jackpot Sands Princess. Its main game Pharaoh’s Desert (5 reels, 20 lines) may end with one of the 5 stand-alone or linked jackpot levels: Mini and Minor (non-progressive), Maxi, Grand and Major (progressive). While turning every sand grain into silver and gold for the players, this product of EGT adds value also for the operators, being housed in the highly performing P-24/24 Up, P-27/27 St, P-27/27 St Slim and P-27/32H St cabinets and having on top the Rainbow jackpot panel – another successful product of EGT.

Design, combining unmatched comfort with modern aesthetics, efficient Exciter III platform, frameless monitors with impeccable visual quality, convenient keyboard with dynamic touch display, crystal clear stereo sound and easy maintenance are just part of the General series’ DNA. On top of the range of this latest generation slot cabinets of EGT is the G 32-32 VIP cabinet with two 32-inch high-resolution widescreen monitors and same size optional topper. The included multimedia chair justifies the “VIP” claim of the product, incorporating stereo speakers and control buttons for the sound volume and the main functions of the game.

The General series’ debut is completed with four more slot models. The G 27-32 Up and St cabinets feature a 27-inch high-resolution main and 32-inch upper widescreen monitors (with an option for a 32-inch topper), while the G 27-27 Up and St cabinets have all their displays and toppers in 27-inch size. All General machines are inseparable from the eponymous series of multigame. The first to be released is the Red General of 50 games, based on the Exciter III platform and on the concept to be generous in entertainment.

EGT Multiplayer – high-tech solutions for better gaming
EGT Multiplayer has set the course for its future developments with the latest T-Line and S-Line series models. The core of the new T86 touch table roulette with 6 gaming places is the larger main display (86 inches). T86 may be connected to a live (of all manufacturers) or to EGT Multiplayer’s automated roulette wheel that now is separated from the table itself. This structural improvement enables the operators to link up to 40 tables to one wheel on their gaming floor – an innovative advantage that provokes high interest in the product.

The S32/55 is the latest terminal of EGT Multiplayer – elegant and perfected in details. Above its 32-inch main touch screen monitor stands the impressive 55-inch vertical display that will beam 4K images – the best resolution in the industry.
The already known S32/32/27 and S32/32/32 terminals are also facelifted – their third monitor is no longer tilted and, along with the ticket printer and bill acceptor devices, they also support coin acceptor and hopper. The wide gaming palette of King HD 3 and 4 multigame will welcome the players into an endless variety of themes and the recently developed Wang Collection will nicely surprise the EGT Multiplayer’s fans in Asia – a region where the company has had a very strong start.

All gaming stations are connected to the Jackpot Cards jackpot, which accumulated values are shown on three new visualization panels. The first is 49 inches, the second is 65, and the third, called Visualization LED Wall, ousts the modesty completely, being 3 meters wide and almost 2 in height. All of them show gaming statistics and real-time video streaming of the roulette wheels (the wall shows them all simultaneously in different sectors of its screen).

EGT Interactive – hot gaming in cold London
EGT Interactive quickly wins popular acclaim with its new virtual roulette – a mutual project with EGT Multiplayer. It brings the offline and online entertainment together in an original manner, as the players may choose to bet on the physical wheel, or may easily switch to the internet version of the game, visualized on a tablet.

Spider Casino Management System – new functionalities and more happy customers
The Spider CMS team has lately increased its “web” of installations and currently it includes Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Belarus and very soon – Tanzania. Several new functionalities, demonstrated at ICE 2019, will raise the degree of satisfaction of the customers.

All products of EGT, EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive are awaiting the ICE visitors for a complete test and approval.

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