EasyPay System, a company led by Mr. Sergei Fraseniuc, can be considered a pioneer in the field of sports betting terminals.
On this market, things are in full swing, and choosing as a partner EasyPay System can be a great asset to your business, because that’s the only way to help you start a business in the field of sports betting terminals; to practically offer you a turn-key business. To learn more about EasyPay System and their work, we invite you to read this cover story.

➤ What are the main activities of your company, EasyPay System?

EasyPay System Company was established in 2010, and on May 19th of the same year, we introduced the first payment terminal in Romania as an agent. It was very difficult at first, because we were providing a new service that was not very well known in Romania.
After the development of this industry in Bucharest, where we started this business, we began to have our first customers and received very good feedback. Our own network now includes almost 500 terminals that we have started to produce since April 2012 both for us and for other customers who want to enter this niche of the vending. Components come from Europe and we manufacture and assemble them in Romania. Therefore, the first activity is the operation of its own terminal network, and the second refers to the quality of EasyPay terminal manufacturer, which complies with all European quality standards. Starting with 2014, at the demand of the gaming market, we have developed our product line by producing the first sports betting terminal, currently offering 6 different models to our clients. For the EARENA exhibition, we produced the Cash-Out terminal, in collaboration with our partners, SysWin Solutions company, which offers the software.

➤ One of your company’s missions is to provide the population with an alternative payment system through self-service terminals.
Please give us more details about this operating activity: how many devices do you have, where are they located, what services you offer and what are the advantages of the game-hall offers.

The devices are located in the retail and market areas, but we also have street devices. One of the main targets were the shops near the apartments buildings, because many customers are accustomed to buying from the closest stores where they can see our device as well.

Then a buyer will surely become our loyal customer because he will discover that the device allows him to pay Enel, Romtelecom, ApaNova bills but one can also recharge his cell phone or pay the land phone bill, Bitcoin, Paysafecard or other 100 services.
These services are now offered all in the same place without the payer having to go to the banks or to withdraw money from the card to pay cash to the bank. For a gaming room, the payment terminal is a mandatory service from our point of view, as the hall provides a wide range of customer service with the self-service terminal.
The customer stays in the room, regardless of the need for payment he normally finds outside the game venue. We have a successful collaboration for over two years with Game World, and our partners are pleased with having their payment terminal in their locations because they eliminated some of the main reasons why players left the gaming room.

➤ In terms of production, what exactly do you produce? Are your products certified?
As mentioned, we have started to produce the devices to reduce our costs. From 2012 until now, the product portfolio has been considerably increased, starting with payment terminals and continuing with sports betting terminals, info-point, cash-out, parking systems and even terminals for different sale domains: fast food, public transport tickets, deposit and money transfer, etc. We also offer our customers the possibility to purchase new terminal parts; we also have our own service to help customers who have already purchased the devices. Of course, we have CE certificates for each product.

➤ Tell us, please, what are the advantages of a long-lasting collaboration with EasyPay System?
The customer receives quality products at a very good price and our support in communicating with the market, but also in terms of the technical support. We also cover the logistics.
n high quality in production,
n new game room service,
n Turnkey business with payment terminals
Actually, we offer the expertise accumulated in over seven years of experience, from the moment we brought the first such device to Romania.

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