Casino Life & Business Magazine opened the event EEGS

EEGS-BEGExpo 2019, a complex event held under the motto “Bridging the Future” on November 10-21 in Sofia brought together representatives of gambling companies from around the world.
The event, which is better and more relevant from year to year, has become a point of reference in the gaming world with a conference full of important topics, but also an exhibition that, besides the exhibitors present, impresses with the extremely large number of visitors.
Proof of this is also the video presented by us, from the spot, on Instagram.
Casino Life & Business Magazine has been, since the beginning of the event, in the attention of all those present being the moderator of the first panel of the conference.
The first panel of this year’s edition of EEGS entitled “Focus on Regulatory Aspects. Eastern Europe” was moderated by Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono, President of Casino Life & Business Magazine.
Speakers of this panel: Dan Iliovici, Vice-President of ROMBET, Angel Iribozov, President of the Bulgarian Association of Gaming Manufacturers and Operators, Alexander Kovacevic, CEO of ImageQuix, Ewa Lejman, Head of the Polish Bureau of WH Partners and Zoran Puhac, Secretary General of the EOGL, they answered the issues and questions addressed by the representative of Casino Life & Business Magazine, in front of a full room.
In the afternoon of the same day, Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono was the speaker, along with Lubomira Petrova, UltraPlay Marketing Director in the panel dedicated to Digital Marketing, moderated by Denitsa Alexieva, CoinPoint Marketing Director.

Casino Life & Business Magazine had its own booth at BEGExpo 2019

The 2019 edition of BEGExpo opened to the public on November 20 enjoyed a great success, being visited by an impressive number of participants.
Our Casino Life & Business Magazine magazine had its own booth in the exhibition and enjoyed great interest, proving the distribution of more than 900 copies from the November edition and about 300 copies from the 2019 edition of the Romanian Gambling Directory, both print runs being sold out long before the event ended.

Media Partner of the Year Award 2019

Casino Life & Business Magazine representatives were invited and participated in all the socializing/networking events organized and within the traditional Awards Gala, held in one of the most “fashionable” clubs in Sofia, were honored with the Media Partner of the Year Award.

EEGS-BEGExpo 2019

The award is an acknowledgment of the correctness and originality that our magazine has practiced since the first edition and is a crowning of a tradition of media partnerships correctly fulfilled with all gaming events in general and with EEGS-BEGExpo in particular.
It should be mentioned that our magazine has been a media partner of EEGS-BEGExpo since the first edition of this important event.

Important opportunities

Participation in the event at the end of November in Sofia proved to be an important moment for opportunities.
Thus, in addition to the dozens of international contacts, Casino Life & Business Magazine also concluded a partnership with DD Consultus, the international consulting firm in the field of gambling, a partnership that is materialized by printing, starting with the January edition, a series of articles dedicated to online/offline international gambling.

Another category of opportunities opened by EEGS-BEGExpo is the attraction at the Bucharest Expo-conference on March 10, 2020 (re) branded Central European Gambling Summit of world class speakers, so that those present can benefit from the latest and most relevant comments on the contemporary issues that are involved in the gambling industry worldwide.

NOTE: The entire participation in the event in the Bulgarian capital city can be watched in the movie posted on the TV channel Casino Life & Business Magazine on Youtube.

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