Romania, placed on Poker map

After adopting the new law regarding gambling, Romania finally entered the plans of the international organizers of live poker tournaments.
A poker festival can not be organized everywhere because the profits of the operators are very small and, in many cases, the live festivals are just a commercial stunt to promote online poker rooms. That is why a festival location must meet many conditions which no operator is taking the risk without. First of all, there must be a geographic zone accessible to those with money and with a population which must generate many recreational players among the locals. Then, the festival must take place in a touristic destination.
The poker players are mostly young, have money and are looking for entertainment.
Moreover, the operator has to find a better legislation and especially a local operator to meet both the technical and image rigors demanded by the company, and so forth.
Fortunately for the live poker in Romania, Bucharest was accepted as a destination for PokerStars Eureka Poker Tour and last month the Capital hosted the first edition of the famous circuit on Romanian ground, together with PokerFest Romania circuit which initiated this collaboration. It was a success for all those involved but it was mostly a viability test which not only will it bring back PokerStars on the Romanian stage of live poker but it is also a signal for other rooms and operators to try to organize festivals in Romania.
As it was expected, 888Poker, the second biggest poker room in the world, took over from the rival PokerStars and, together with the Romanian operator PokerFest, announced a series of tournaments on the seaside, during this month. The Festival is called 888LiveLocal SummerFest– tu put it in short- SummerFest 2016– and will take place between June18th -24th in Costinești, with Vox Maris Grand Resort as host.
The series of 14 tournaments has in its center a Main Event accessible to almost everyone, but tempting also to those with a high bankroll, because the buyin is only 330 euros, but the tournament grants prizes of 88.800 euros- so there is an excellent balance risk/reward.
At the low price of the buyin one can add the multiple possibilities to qualify – both online and live- where as everyone can obtain a package or a simple ticket for amounts starting from just 120 RON or even a few cents, online.
Sorin Constantinescu, PokerFEst CEO explains to us this dynamic of live poker tournaments in Romania:” We have trained for five years in organizing poker festivals having in mind the possibility that, in the right circumstances, we handle international rigors. Not only we handled it successfully, but even foreigners had something to learn from our organizational system. Every organizational effort we make has only one main purpose: simplifying the procedures for customers. We want our players to have no other ”stress” than the main one – that of surviving in the tournament”.

sorin constaninescu

SummerFest is, at the same time, our traditional festival, but constitutes also a step forward: we have given up on Mamaia for Costinești and, this time, we have the online support of those from 888poker”, added Sorin Constantinescu about the next event: ”It will be definitely a success. There can not be any other way“, he said.


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