This week sees the opening of the $400 million casino development in Cincinnati, making some of Ohio’s neighbours look on in envy.

Kentucky is borders the state, which currently does not have casinos, but really does need tax revenues and some representatives there feel they are missing out.

Indiana also borders the state of Ohio and over recent years has seen their own casino tax revenues decline, now with a shiny new casino next door could see an even steeper decline.

The Cincinnati casino will be the last of four legislated casinos allowed in Ohio, which when opens on Monday will mark two years of construction.

Previous casino in the state, Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus all opened over the past year and have brought in nearly $404 million combined. From that, about $133.2 million has gone to Ohio’s much needed tax coffers.

Cincinnati’s casino is projected to draw about $227 million in gross revenue in its first year. That would bring in about $75 million in taxes.

Indiana’s casino industry has in the past twenty years, has brought in $10 billion in taxes.

But casinos there are in decline. Last year, taxes on casino revenues in Indiana dropped 4.2%, from $787.4 million in 2011 to $754 million in 2012.

In Kentucky, Governor Steve Beshear has every year since his 2007 tried and failed to legalize casinos but the opposition from Republican lawmakers has blocked any possibility of developing casino, also a strong racetrack lobbying group has been most vocal to their political supporters in blocking such an initiative to protect their own businesses.


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