A successful businessman in the gambling industry

He can be described as a rather discreet person and, yet, he is quite active in the business world, on a wide scale. The complex he owns, NagaWorld, is the largest in Cambodgia.

Chen Lip Keong is a steady presence in the richest’ top list, but he is not at all about visibility. He is energetically involved in a great number of activities, in various fields. Age 64, Chen Lip Keong is married and has three children.

His wealth estimated at USD1.01 billions

It is said that the Malayasian magnate is worth USD1.01 billions. Starting with 2009, he has always been and well-deservedly included in the list of the richest people in Malaysia and in the world, according to the prestigious Forbes magazine. A large part of his fortune comes from his involvement and the substantial investments he made in the gambling world. Few people know that he was trained doctor before moving into the gambling business.

Monopoly in Cambodgia

The Complex NagaWorld, owned by Chen Lip Keong, is the largest in Cambodgia. His company, Naga Corp, holds the monopoly in the gambling industry in Phnom Penh. Chen Lip Keong founded the company above in 1995, and its revenues skyrocketed on the market. Chen Lip Keong also owns Karambunai, a Malaysian company in the real estate and tourism business. The respectable businessman, with an experience of over 30 years, used to be the president of the state airline company in Malaysia. He is also the advisor of Hun Sen, the Cambodgian Prime Minister.

The most exclusivist Casino

NagaWorld Casino, founded in 1995 by Chen Lip Cheong, is reportedly known as the most exclusivist casino in Indochina.
The location has – you won’t believe – eight floors open to the gamblers. The Complex also features a 14-storey hotel opened 24/7, a spa center and many other amenities. The mega-Casino in Cambodgia features over 1,000 slot machines and 176 gaming tables. The guests of the opulent location are here pampered with a swimming pool, snooker rooms, open bars, restaurants, karaoke, massage centers and much more.

Nothing missing here for gamblers

The NagaWorld Casino is a nirvana for the guests. Here, they can play baccarat, roulette, black jack, nine cards, three cards, Pok Deng, Scrap, fantan, Ratchet, poker and many others. The 525 rooms of the NagaWorld Hotel provides the supreme relaxation, with their modern amenities – air conditioning, offices, wireless, etc. The hotel clients have also the possibility to visit and walk through huge gardens and take the advantages of a fitness centre, a steam bath and a sauna.


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