Talking to Dalia Ciubuca, General Manager

Why clubs and why Chaboo?
I have known the club world since my youth. I worked for a tobacco company for three years, where I filled the positions of hostess and then a team leader. While I was a student in Cluj Napoca I was in contact with clubbing and nightlife. After I came to Bucharest, I started working for another tobacco company. Later, I quit that job as it was no longer satisfying and went to be a PR for one of the Bucharest clubs.

Why did you think of Chaboo? What does it mean?
Chaboo is my baby, my soul project. It is the venture that has touched my life and will do it forever. I started this project while still a construction site and fell in love with the location. The moment I saw it, I decided I would stay here. Besides other reasons I had to take into account back then, this location was the top choice. I truly believe that it is the best location in Bucharest and everywhere else.

What is the novelty of Chaboo on the Bucharest club scene?
It firstly brings the idea of comfort. Everything is comfortable here. And I am talking about the area, the parking lot – which is the largest and the best equipped in all club spaces of Bucharest. Then, the area itself is quite comfortable, as it is located centrally. You can reach it easily from anywhere in the city. The venue is well-aired, you never feel crowded or suffocated. The swimming pool is spacious and allows hosting any event, ranging from 100 to 3,000 people. I am now referring to the pool-club complex, where you can have theme parties, corporate parties, birthdays, bachelor parties, practically anything.

Is not Chaboo in competition with the other clubs in Bucharest?
Yes, there is a direct rivalry with the others, except that this is the largest and most expansive of all. Do not think that I am subjective, because all my clients believe the same. Apart from the largest parking lot, it also has the most spacious table room (around and between), which gives an additional comfort to everyone here. Likewise, the VIP entrance is roomy, too. Everything is in the superlative.

Is your target people the same or it differs from one area to another?
The audience is indeed different. But, thanks to our huge location, we have various targets. And they include the young people and company managers, political parties and youth organizations, even students. A large part of our customers is the foreigners.

You opened the gates in summer time. Did the season affect the number of clients?
Yes, but the entire Bucharest felt it. A lower number of customers, mainly during the hottest weekends when many people were at the seaside. The usual percentage for the clubs in the summer is 60%, as average. But a pool like ours is known to be an attraction for this season – all of them are usually full. Without flattering oneselves, we did good and our percentage was the highest among all the clubs. And this happened in spite of the fact that we have three club evenings – Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are among a few clubs with a triplet. It is quite difficult to have three evenings and fill up the place all the time.

Does the pool-club concept work? Are there any other similar clubs in Bucharest? Does the pool bring more clients to the club or viceversa?
There are other clubs in Bucharest featuring a swimming pool. But, as I said before, they are not as large and famed as ours. The pool can attract more people for the club and you can have a cross-promotion in the summer time. I mean to advertise the club events at the pool and the other way around. This is OK, you already have your audience and promote yourself at the site. Plus, you have the opportunity to invite the pool people to see your club, which is good for the newcomers. It is quite essential, specially for the summer. There are people interested in private pool parties – child baptism, weddings, birthdays. If they are pleasantly impressed with the pool events, it is very likely they will become your club regulars throughout the year.

In other words, opening Chaboo in the summer is quite a success, isn’t it?
It was indeed. In spite of those weekends when people headed to the seaside, we still had a high attendance for our three club evenings.

What are the Chaboo surprises for this fall?
We will have our traditional events, as they are already acknowledged as the most provocative and engaging in the city and beyond. We are already known abroad as the club with the most dazzling parties. Similar with our dancing shows. We feature a unique and original coreography, specific to each evening. Our dancers always put together something new, fresh for our clients. They all have graduated from coreography courses and are professionals. The Chaboo troupe is quite proficient. We also host concerts with acclaimed Romanian and foreign artists. You will find more when the right time comes….

What does the word Chaboo mean?
Chaboo was selected from a large variety of other names. It does not have a special meaning. Chaboo comes from French and stands for sophistication, elegance, style and high class. This is how this word sounds. Its sonority, vibration seemed ideal and made us go for it.

Is it difficult to be a club owner?
Yes, it is. The hardest part is to find competent people, to put their heart and soul in everything they are doing. You can be the smartest and best owner but this means nothing if you do not have people around you for full support and dedication like yours. I believe this is the biggest challenge, to find the right people who spare no efforts. This is my flagship principle and the reason for being here.

What is your message for the readers of Casino Life & Business Magazine?
You keep reading Casino Life & Business Magazine and remember we cannot wait to see you at Chaboo.

Good luck for your future!

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