After obtaining Type approval, they are speeding up to the gaming floors

The company moved to a new representative office

Being on the Romanian market for more than a decade now, Casino Technology has solid positions that expand each year. The company has reaffirmed and increased even further the market share, gained through the years, by offering quality and innovative products as well as 24/7 support. Striving to implement and enhance further the overall corporate strategy, Casino Technology just recently named a new Regional Director for Romania. Bringing her profound expertise, professional background and in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry in the country, Valentina Dobre has become part of Casino Technology team and its company, operating in Romania – Advanced Technology Innovations S.R.L. Continuing the processes of market expansion, the company has made yet another step in the direction and moved to a new and bigger representative office in the heart of Bucharest. The new address is: Str. Barbu Vacarescu, nr. 162, etaj 3, sector 2. On 800 sq. m. the company team is there to serve its clients interests the best possible way.
As the Romanian market is very versatile and multilateral but still offering quite many opportunities for all involved, Casino Technology has a certain product emphasis for the country. The company released new line products considering the market specific and preferences. The TOWER Slant Top™ slot machines with the TOWER 101™ game pack as well as EZ MODULO™ with SPEED KING™ and the T3™ slot machine expectedly became the customer’s choice shortly after they were launched. Just recently the company obtained Type Approval for TOWER 101™ and SPEED KING™. The products are heading up to the Romanian gaming floors and the first installations of the TOWER slat top™ machines with the mutligame TOWER 101™ already have multiple installations at locations of MAXBET in Bucuresti, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Ploiesti.

“Our loyal clients appreciate the company’s quality products, targeted to their preferences. They are aware of our level of service and breadth of coverage as well and always expecting from us the best of quality products“, commented Valentina Dobre, the new Regional Director for Romania at Casino Technology.

The new product line
Created especially to ensure great perception and to attract players who seek more entertainment and amusement is the new game pack TOWER 101™ of Casino Technology. The 40 titles included offer fantastic animations and characters, linked thematically to the games. The attractive outlook of the mutigame is complemented with different types of bonus schemes and the free games are with frequent restart. The extra wins in addition to the standard winning lines fill the whole screen with the same symbol that makes the game even more thrilling. The 4K resolution of the 43” vertically curved monitor of TOWER Slant Top™, that houses the game pack, only adds to the players` satisfaction.
After the excellent inroad the multigame had, Casino Technology releases its continuation – the TOWER 102™, including even more unique titles. The new game mix will be launched during the 10th anniversary edition of BEGE Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 22-23.
Flexibility and contemporary design make the new line slot machine EZ MODULO™ a very sought after product. It is offered with the SPEED KING™ multigame, consisting of 60 HD titles. The set of games is reached keeping in mind the specific demands of the market and includes the most successful games of Casino Technology, played all over the world as well as new games, excellently appreciated by the players. The Type approval for the multigame was just issued and multiple installations are expected to be done in nearest future. The slot machine is with two 27” monitors, the main is a touch screen, with an attraction video topper, impressive stereo sound and LED lighting.
Casino Technology prepares an even enhanced game pack for the EZ MODULO™, that will be released soon.

On the ways the new version of the successful product line of EZ MODULO™ and the new slot machine will be presented for the first time at the BEGE Expo. The latest EZ MODULO™ is with 32” main monitor. During the exhibition a new and innovative mix of games – GORILLA WHEEL™ will be showcased. Game pack of 6 titles has completely new concept of multilevel progressive jackpot.
Another machine of the Casino Technology`s new line products – the T3™, will be presented with brand new version of the most popular and loved by the players multigame GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ at BEGE Expo. The GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY ™ 74 of the winning game mix is a logical continuation of the very successful first series from 70 to 73. The GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ 74 will be offered with the shiny and loved by the players classical AURORA™ cabinets in attempt to diversify the products performance.

Casino Technology has strong recognition for offering a rich portfolio for iGaming. The company constantly enhances the offered products and recently the fully upgraded LEOPARD™ Online Platform was launched as well as the new version of the LION™ Money Management System.

Offering a seamless credit and cash transfer between locations as well as between land based and online casinos, the new LION™ provides an automatic electronic cash management of client funds and credits and of third parties payments. The RHINO Casino Management System has been further enriched with new functionalities as the TITO. All of the mentioned systems are part of the BIG 5™ suite that provides a full range of tools for managing an omni channel gaming business.
“The customers in Romania appreciate the high quality of the products we offer with persistent performance a historical track record of high results. They recognize Casino Technology as a company with impeccable customer service, customized approach and with a very knowledgeable and friendly team. With the new product line, which is already certified for Romania, we are now in the position to move on quickly and answer the interest of the operators for the new product range“, commented Valentina Dobre, Regional Director for Romania at Casino Technology.

The first installations of TOWER Slant Top™ are more than successful

Cristian Munteanu, Performance Analyst at Casino Technology.
He is working on optimization of settings for every installation made in order to achieve maximum performance
The first installation of TOWER slant top™, made just recently at MAXBET locations, are more than promising as the interest for the product is exceptional. It is the first slot machine on the market with 4K resolution monitor and multigame of 40 titles, consisting of 30 most played and 10 conceptually new games. With its 43” vertically curved monitor and 4K resolution the TOWER slant top™ provides personalized playing experiences that is very much appreciated both by players and operators.
As the word is spreading for the excellent performance of the TOWER slant top™, we have many orders for the new line machine and over hundred of machines are about to be installed till the end of the year. In addition to the outstanding product line, Casino Technology offers 24/7 service for all our clients and thus we are ready to be by their side at any moment and any location.


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