The casino is also known as the Royal Casino because it was built during the reign of King Carol I.
The Slănic Moldova casino is a historical monument included in group A together with the national and universal value found on the territory of Slănic Moldova.
Slănic Moldova is a well-known tourist resort in the Eastern Carpathians, situated at a 530 m altitude.
Established on the Slănic stream Valley, this destination is situated in a depression with coniferous forests. Slănic Moldova has the advantage of having a permanent season due to its geographical features: clean air, rich in aerosols and negative ions, an average temperature of 7 degrees and the wonderful mineral springs that are highly sought after. Slănic Moldova began to be popular among the resorts of tourist attraction with the discovery of a spring of mineral water in 1801.

The casino of Slănic Moldova was erected by Italian craftsmen between the years 1892-1894, in the Art Nouveau style, according to the plans of the well-known architect George Sterian, together with H. Rick, at the initiative of the architect Nicolae Ghica-Budesti, who was at the time supervisor of SF Spiridon Epitropy in the city of Iași. Since 1948, the House of Culture has been functioning in the building, but over the years, the casino building has had an auditorium, and also hosted the city library and public service facilities.

The casino is also known as the Royal Casino because it was built during the reign of King Carol I.

Architects of the building were influenced by several styles, predominantly neo-Romanian and neo-Renaissance styles. The neo-Romanian style corresponds to the decorative elements made from stone, while the door and window frames and the towers of the main building are influenced by the architecture of the churches. In 1960, the building was added two terraces for a buffet, brasserie and guest house. The casino building was restored between 1986 and 1989 to give it its original shape, being entirely redecorated/ refurbished as a cultural-educational edifice.

Currently, the Casino building is an emblem of the Slănic Moldova resort along with the Racoviță Central Pavilion and other tourist villas. The spa resort of Slănic Moldova, well-known for its mineral springs compared to Karlovy Vary and Vichy, and awarded at the international exhibitions in Paris, Vienna or Frankfurt am Main, has a distinct identity, defined by the Nemira Mountains and the beech and fir forests which surround it.
The casino has a built-up area of 1,847 square meters and has been the subject of numerous auctions in recent years, which have remained unsuccessful, although the building has been totally rehabilitated between 1994 and 1995.