Casino Royale
Standing In A Line

Casino Royale on the Las Vegas strip has announced it will lay off 98 employees across a range of roles due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dealers will bear the brunt of the cuts, accounting for 49 of the layoffs. Other roles to be cut back by the Casino Royale include pit manager, slot hosts, other slot employees, cashiers and surveillance employees.

The venue, owned by hotel chain Best Western, is by far the only one in the casino industry to implement layoffs as a result of the pandemic. WVa casino in West Virginia announced lay-offs earlier this month.

Casino Royal disclosed the layoffs on August 10. It said that due to the “unexpected and unprecedented” circumstances of the pandemic, it could not give the normal 60 days notice stipulated under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN).

The Covid-19 pandemic had a very high negative impact over the gambling industry all over the world since the lockdown in the middle of March this year and its second wave is still making a lot of trouble even all the tradiditional gambling is more or less reopened.

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