Sistem de management Casino Management System

Casino Management System enhanced and launched by CT Gaming within the fresh strategies as response at the global pandemic.

CT Gaming has responded to the global pandemic by actively working on fresh strategies and planning to support its customers and is ready to offer a new system solution.

The company is to launch an enhanced system solution with added essential new functionalities within the Rhino Casino management system.

“Rhino is a comprehensive tool for casino management and complete control over casino operation,” said Nikola Nenkov, regional sales manager CMS at CT Gaming and he added: “With the newly added functionalities we have made it even more reliable, enabling optimisation of all work processes.”

Nenkov added that the product development department’s main focus in recent months was the live game module enhancement, in order to offer a full solution for the casino business.

The live game table jackpot has been added and developed to boost the performance and to add to the exceptional experience of the players at the table. It has the advantage of being easy for installation with a cloud-based Wide Area Jackpot.

“The attention to the detail is our main drive in product development,” Nenkov added. “Both in terms of better performance of individual operation as well as for optimising the staff work, we have added Tito for live game with the MRX Table Bill acceptor. It is a high-speed solution allowing the processing of two notes per second and accepting multiple foreign currencies.”