Representatives of gambling industry, professionals, headliners, media, together for a super show.

Thursday, December 12 – a mark in the calendar for the sixth edition of the Awards Gala of Casino Life & Business Magazine or Gambling Industry Awards Gala (the media label)

In a fabulous decor of the halls in the newest 5-star hotel in Bucharest, Premier Palace Hotel & Spa, during a quite assorted artistic show that charmed the audience, people in the gambling industry and society people met and mingled at the one-of-this-kind networking event in Romania.

As became a tradition in the last six years, our publication Casino Life & Business Magazine, the first gambling magazine in Romania, awarded the achievements in different categories of the best people inside and outside the gambling sector.

The goal of the event was to support the M Service Terapy Children Clinic, a recovery center for autistic and ADHD children.

This unique event in Romania brought together ringing names in the local gambling, either operators or manufacturers, officials and representatives of the National Gambling Office, Anticorruption General Directorate or the Division for Sport and Youth of the Bucharest Municipality, along with numerous stars like Daniela Crudu, Mihai Mitoseru, Mircea N. Stoian, Adrian Artene, Ionut ‚Pitbull’ Atodiresei, Benny Adegbouiy, Bogdan and Andrei Stoica, Roxana Ciuhulescu, Ana Maria Prodan, Ionela Prodan, Emilia Musala, Catalin Cazacu, Oana and Viorel Lis, Victoria Blochina, Gheorghe Zamfir or attorney Paula Iacob, as well as representatives of famous Romanian brands, such as Guban, Tiger Security or Gerovital.

In a fully packed room, Ramona Badescu, the most beloved Romanian artist in Italy, fulfilled the duties of the master of ceremonies for the event. She did a marvelous job in handling a magic evening, filled with music of all genres, stage magic and fashion presentations.

The guests enjoyed the artistic show performed by Bourbon Jazz Band, Anda June, Alexy Ronea, Teatrul de Magie and tenor Oliver Popa.
The well-known Gianina Punkosti was the designer for the catwalk outfits.

The awardees received their deserved trophies, in a laid-back ambience, as it should be for the end-of-the-year parties.
And here are our best:
The ‚Best Live Casino of the Year’ award went to Casino Metropolis Buchuresti, and Catalin Cazacu handed the trophy to Mr. Carol Paraschiv, General Manager of Casino Metropolis Bucuresti.

The ‚Best Slot Network/Hall of the Year’ award was won by MAXBET and the trophy was presented to Mr. Sorin Georgescu, Director, by Mr. Mihai Mitoseru.

The ‚Best Betting House of 2013’ award was shared by MOZZART BET and SUPER BET. Mr. Mircea N. Stoian handed the trophies to Mr. Vlastimir Vucadinovici, Marketing Manager of Mozzart Bet and Mr. Marin Mandusic, Super Bet Director.

The ‚Romanian Manufacturer of the Year’ award was at a tie for BAUM GAMES and DGL PRO. The trophies were presented to Mr. Marius Stoi, Executive Manager of DGL PRO and Horatiu Moga, Marketing Manager at Baum Games by Mr. Adrian Artene.

The ‚Foreign Manufacturer of the Year’ award went to NOVOMATIC company, and Mrs. Roxana Nemes handed the trophy to Mr. Cristian Olejnic, Director of Novomatic Group in Romania.

The ‚Year Inauguration in Gambling’ award was presented to PokerFest Club, more exactly to Mr. Sorin Constantinescu, PokerFest President, and handed by Mr. Ionut ‚Pitbull’ Atodiresei.

The ‚Highest Involvement in the Gambling Industry in Romania’ award was won by Mrs. Odeta Nestor, President of the National Gambling Office. The trophy was handed by Mr. Mihnea Popescu, President of Casino Life & Business Magazine.

The ‚Poker Player of the Year’ award went to Vlad Darie / dariepoker – the vote was cast on the largest poker forum in Romania,
Vlad Darie was not able to attend the Gala due to the fact that he was playing at the European Poker Tour taking place in Prague.

The ‚Gaming Show of 2013’ award was won by ‚Super Bingo Metropolis’. The prize was handed by Ana Maria Prodan to the two protagonists, Mihai Mitoseru and Daniela Crudu.

The ‚Lifestyle Show of the Year’ award went to ‚La Maruta’ show.
The trophy was handed by Oana Lis to the show team, represented by Zero Band along with a life-size dummy version of Catalin Maruta, the show brand. The recipient had certain arrangements to handle, therefore unable to attend the event in person.

The ‚Media Person of the Year’ award was won by Mr. Radu Banciu, for his ‚Lumea lui Banciu’ show.
He was not present at the Gala but he had a recorded message instead for the attendance, and the organizers handed him the award at a later date.

The ‚Athlete of the Year’ award went to Simona Halep. Since she could not attend the Gala, she sent instead a recorded message.

The ‚Woman of the Year’ award was won by Ana Maria Prodan and it was handed by Roxana Ciuhulescu, the winner of the same category in 2012.
The ‚Man of the Year 2013’ award was presented to Mr. Raed Arafat by Mr. Tiberiu Fechete, Director of Fundation for SMURD.

The special awards that our publication Casino Life & Business Magazine gave this year, following the vote of the readers, are as below:

The ‚Romanian Successful Brand of 2013’ award went to GUBAN and was handed by Marius Ion, Director of Guban company, along with Emilia Musala.

The ‚Innovation in beauty’ award was presented to GEROVITAL brand by Ramona Badescu.

The award for ‚Outstanding career’ was presented by our publication Casino Life & Business Magazine to Maestro Gheorghe Zamfir, for those 50 years dedicated to music.
The award was handed by Mr. Mihnea Popescu, President of Casino Life & Business Magazine.

The annual Awards Gala of Casino Life & Business Magazine, a singular event of this sort has gathered together the high society in the Romanian gambling, organizers, manufacturers and officials.
A large number of stars and media representatives attended this event.

The Gambling Industry Awards Gala, as media has labelled this event since its first edition, has had a humanitarian and charity nature, demonstrated in the support given to the M Service Terapy Medical Center, dealing with the therapy of autistic and AHDH children.

The nominations and the vote of the readers applied for November and December, where the last voting day was December 10.

The make-up and hair styling were provided by Oana Style Parlour in Jolie Ville shopping mall.

The partners of this unique event in Romania, whom we acknowledge here and are thankful to, are:

Main partner Premier Palace Hotel & Spa.

Partners: DGL PRO, MAXBET, NOVOMATIC, Admiral, XCS Music, Teatrul de Magie, Tiger Security, Mozzart Bet, GameWorld, PokerFest Club and Guban.

Traditional media partners: www.For Rich and Simona Chitac Media.

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