have announced they are blocking players from 18 countries within the EU and also South America.

Those countries involved are Greece, Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Finland, Serbia, Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil and finally Columbia.

The move was announced to affiliates by the company on an email on Friday 19th April.

On the email it said that from the 30th April no new singups will be accepted from those countries and also there was a request that all marketing material aimed at those countries be removed.

However all existing accounts will remain open, and affiliate commission to those accounts will continue to be paid.

It is thought the move is connected with those countries mentioned looking to reduce or prohibit online gambling within their borders in the future along with the commercial aspect that those mentioned are small in operating value and allows to focus their efforts on more lucrative markets such as the US and more recognised and profitable regions such as the UK and Spain.



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