Beautiful and gifted ,Celina Lin, poker master of Asia


Born in Shanghai, China, Celina Lin is one of the most valuable and appreciated poker players in the Asian pool. Her results secured her a safe place in the gambling history.

Celina Lin was born in Shanghai but when she turned 7, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia. Her career started in 2004, when a friend insisted on her visiting the famous Crown Casino in Melbourne. In no more than three weeks, the beautiful Celina made $10,000 from the online poker and decided then to become a professional. The best result is the winning of the Red Dragon Main Event at the Macau Poker Cup in 2012, where she cashed in a $110,077 prize. She is the first woman to win the Macau Cup, which definitely put her on the map of the Asian poker.

Yoga and tennis for relaxation

During her free time, Celina enjoys doing yoga, pilates and tennis. She just loves reading and watching movies. ‚When I am away from playing, I spend a lot of time having fun with my family and friends. This really charges up my batteries,’ she says. Celina is a member of the Team PokerStars Pro and strongly states that she is trying to be a model for the other women in the gambling business. So far, Celina Lin has earned $293,443 from the live tournaments.


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