I want to be in balance…

When and in what context have you had the first contact with the television?
The first time I came into a platter of television was in 2011, when I graduated from College “Tudor Vornicu.” Immediately after finishing the courses, I went into practice to a tv station. At first, we were a few hundred people eager to learn, but in the end, we stayed just a few: those determined.

What else would you have liked to be?
If I wouldn’t work as a journalist, I would have opted for aviation. I was tempted at some point to give admission to the Academy of Aviation, but the attraction for television primate. I just admire stewardesses and pilots when I meet them.

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How much of your time is taken by the job and how it remains for personal life?
Now, my career is the most important, and for that I give everything I have. When you want to do something of quality, you must work hard. Therefore, time for my personal life I don’t really have. I am confident that when the time shall come, I will know how to merge so that I find the balance. Until then, I invest in myself, because the investment on your own person is the only one that is never missed.

You have been involved in several charitable projects. What motivated you to do that and which one remained in your soul?
When I can help someone, I do not hesitate even one second. Simply, I am glad that I am the person who can brings a smile to someone and respond wholeheartedly to any call of its kind. It is true that I have presented numerous charity events, and the beneficiaries were mostly children hit by the happiness of fate. You can’t be insensitive when you see the sufferings through which pass the little ones. Also, by the nature of my job, I often go to the most painful cases, under conditions of unimaginable. When I am able to contribute in any way to spare the life of a person, a lot of indescribable feelings come over me.

What do you want to change in your life now?
I want to be in balance. First of all, I want to evolve in tv. On my private life, I’m waiting for the moment when the right person will appear in my life. I’m not in a hurry, however. Also I wish to have more time for my personal development. I would like to go to workshops, mastermind and even at individual meetings of lifecoach.

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Do you like gambling?
The gambling industry is made up by very competitive people. I met elegance, sophistication and determination in this world of gaming. What’s right, I have got contact with this world at the famous Show Casino Life & Business Magazine. I can only enjoy.

Tell us an experince linked to gambling!
I will certainly be able to narrate such an experience when I will go in Las Vegas. Until then, I’d only be able to inspire me from others. I’m a lucky person, so for sure I will return with good news.

A message for our readers: “Appreciate every moment of your life and enjoy everything you do! Good luck and winning streaks!”


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