He is one of the major businessmen in the Argentina gambling, which he has brought a substantial contribution to.

Age 49, Daniel Angelici is involved with soccer, with the well-known team Boca Junior, and runs operations in bingo, slots and horse racing. He is the owner of Gambling TV, the first television channel in Argentina exclusively meant for gambling. He also owns World Games S.A. and is an active shareholder to four gambling-related companies: Binarge, American Games, Betec and Cronopios. The last of them crossed the borders of Buenos Aires province and deals with gambling installation and exploitation in Cordoba. The name of Daniel Angelici is linked to haute cuisine, as he is one of the people to have invested in the elegant restaurant Madero Tango, a location that hosts cinema shows and where the Argentinian tango is at home.

In business since teen years

The Argentinian mogul joined the business sector since he was 18 and his father had gifted him with a Renault 12. He sold it and used that money to open a gaming room in Buenos Aires neighborhood – Bingo San Bernardo. The location was unfortunately closed down six hours after its inauguration, due to some legal issues. Daniel Angelici did not feel intimidated at all and opened other rooms in other provinces. In 1997, he created Cronopios, a company that manages the bingo rooms and Cordoba gaming equipment.
In 2000, he founded World Games, which oversees Bingo Imperial Pergamino. World Games is his bunker, this is where he spends all day long. The photos of his children wearing Boca Juniors uniform and a picture of him in his youth are lined up on his desk.

Business and more business

In 2006, Daniel Angelici created Betec S.A., a company that supervises the casinos in Uspallata and Tupungato. The Argentinian businessman is also active in other projects related to gambling. ‚This game has existed since children started playing. There is nothing bad about it. The legislation is the real issue’, he said.
Daniel Angelici has connections with the soccer, too. He was elected President of the famous club Boca Juniors in 2011.

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