The end of February will coincide, in the Romanian live poker arena, with the start of the third stage of the 2018 PokerFest season, organized by the Romanian operator in collaboration with the online giant 888poker (as we announced for the first time, “according to sources” in our previous edition in January).
The 888poker Live Festival is the second one to be held this year by 888 after the London stage, and will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest between February 28th and March 5th.

This is not the first collaboration between the Romanians and the team from 888. In the summer of 2016, the 888 LIVE SummerFest took place at the Romanian seaside, a successful summer event, when the Main Event trophy stayed in the country thanks to the efforts of Alex Farcasanu, a professional player and coach at his own poker school.
The festival at the end of the month will have a Main Event tournament hard to miss by any professional or poker enthusiast, for it will guarantee a prize pool of 288.000 euros for an entry fee of 888 euros. The online 888poker poker room runs qualifying rounds on the internet starting from 1 dollar, for tournament tickets/vouchers or for full packages (including accommodation and spending money) worth $ 1,700. The series offers players 14 tournaments: satellites, side-events, and cash games just as the festivals are greeted with great action, beautiful pots and an open game full of fun and opportunities.

Other major tournaments of the series are the High Roller of 2.200 Euros for those with bigger pockets, but especially the small bankroll Opening Event, where for only 230 euro entry fee, there is the possibility to gain money from a consistent guaranteed prize pool with a total value of 50,000 euros.
It is remarkable that this time PokerFest will attract a lot of tourists for poker in the country.

The 888poker camera is licensed in many jurisdictions and the organizers expect massive participation from around 20 countries. Room ambassadors are already promoting the event globally. The best known of these, famous professional Dominik Nitsche, recommends online qualifiers as the most profitable opportunity for this type of event: “There are enough online satellites, so you should take advantage of them. All the time is good to qualify for a tour with as little money as possible”, says Nitsche. “If you qualify and this is the first time you take part in a big tournament, try to remember that it is the same game as the one played online. Try to play well and, most importantly, do not forget that there are chances that you will not win in the end; it’s just a poker tournament. Try to enjoy the game and look at it as a learning experience. “

In brief, if you like poker at any level, February 28th –March 5th should be the time perfect for you to be in the capital, at the center of the chips symphony that will caress the hearing of the game lovers in the Grand Ballroom at Marriott. Beyond the big sums paid to the players by the cashiers, a nice trophy to showcase in and the fame of a bluff hunter do not hurt anyone.