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Land-based Live Casino at Palace Casino – Casa Vernescu by Andreea Ion – Marketing&PR Manager

Since November, it has been a glorious one-year cup for the achievement of the new, an idea for innovation of road workers and collaborators. One knows that in the fall we harvest the fruit. We, for so many years, have been harvesting the fruits of our work as a team.
This month is in effect during the care period of organizing events, conferences and the awards ceremony, we are pleased to participate. Together with Casino Life & Business Magazine we participated to the Marketing in Gambling Forum, where we shared the common ideas of those in the industry, found out the novelties and met friends and collaborators from the industry. We have actively discussed the useful connections of the online and offline environment, even for a live casino – based on the country – such as Palace Casino Casa Vernescu. Certainly, the most important event is a nominal prize and the winning of the first “Most Prestigious Casino in Romania”, an award given to the Excellence and Performance Gala edition in 2019. It was an impressive night, and the Palace Casino team was proud to walk on the red carpet alongside recognized stars of the Romanian show-biz.

And yes, there comes a time when we can say that we are proud of ourselves. We, the team members – of each other. We can recognized that we are able to be a team and we are able to listen to customer feedback and to be good to each other for better and worst. Thank you to those who chose us. And they are still choosing us. Call it a cliché, but it so true and we can say it once again and we will say if necessary: without you we can’t grow! Working in this field for so long, one can be able, based on experience, to create such perceptions about gambling to be constantly directed to the entertainment area.

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Every year, with great interest from the staff, we organized the Halloween party. And as every time, the success came from the involvement of the colleagues who interact directly with the guests of the house. Palace Casino customers were quite amazed, sometimes frightened, when various creatures appeared on the gaming tables. The palace was haunted by the well-known ghosts, and the decoration was reminiscent of the holiday in which the wearing of masks represents the attraction of themed parties.
To find out about all the new ideas of our colleagues, visit the official Facebook page: Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu. In the images in the article you will find only a few of the most relevant images, but you will certainly discover the whole evening on the official website.

We conclude, as we began, with the same thoughts of gratitude, we – the people of the Palace Casino team.
We are also the ones who are waiting for you at the following event: December 14th.
We wish you an end of the year as you desire!