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What men want from women

Psychology Hour
Dr. Leli

Every man has different tastes, but there are certain qualities that most look for in a woman. So what is the way to a man’s heart? To understand a man, the best thing is to get inside his mind, to understand what he wants from a woman and from a relationship, but what often happens to us women is to spend a lot of time, until we begin to realize something. That’s why experts come to our aid and highlight some of the most common qualities that a man looks for in a woman:
She should be confident. A man already has his own problems and doesn’t want to deal with a woman’s insecurities.
She should be an independent woman. Many people believe that an independent woman can intimidate a man. This is a false belief. Any man who wants a woman for a serious relationship wants her to be able to play this role.
Have compatibility. Compatibility plays an important role in a relationship. If the partners are in constant conflict, have different values and visions, then it is difficult for the relationship to last. Even if you date a man with whom you do not feel compatible, the relationship will not last long.
She should have class and be sexy. Men want a woman with class and sex appeal. Men like their woman to be looked at by other people. A man wants the right woman to be classy in public and sexy in private. Men want women to take care of their physical appearance.
To inspire him to become better. The woman must be a source of inspiration for him, to motivate him to do things well and be better. The right woman is willing to listen to him when he shares his fears or hopes.
To understand him. The right woman is the one who respects his needs. All men need their space, their social life. If you try to understand your man, there will be more trust in your relationship and conflicts will be resolved much faster.
Be a funny woman. The woman who takes everything seriously and always complains is avoided by men. You need to put some gaiety and fun into the relationship.
Not to pressure. All men hate being pressured into doing something they are not ready for. The pressure they face at work is enough for them. Sure, they need a little push every now and then, but the pressure of a relationship sends them running.
Be mature enough to handle a relationship. One of the reasons why it’s hard for a man to commit to a relationship is because it takes a lot of maturity and commitment to make it work. That’s why men want maturity from their women.
Tell your partner what you want. Mostly, a man is curious to know what a woman wants, especially in bed and what she likes to experience to get satisfaction. Men are visual creatures, when it comes to sex they are attracted to sexual images.
They need to know they are doing the right thing and appreciate being given directions.
Have a cheerful attitude. A woman’s cheerful laugh can melt even the hardest of men’s hearts. Men want a cheerful woman who has a positive outlook on life.

The laws of desire and attraction are complex matters and do not simply follow aesthetic codes, much less beauty standards of the moment. Various scientific studies have shown that one scent is enough to trigger attraction, despite various stereotypes. Physically, here’s what the average man finds attractive in a woman.
Breasts: remain among the first aspects that men admit they are looking at in a woman. But, it is not only their size that is attractive. In fact, it is appreciated in its various dimensions, depending on the characteristics of the man. As some scientific research has shown, for example, small breasts are preferred by jealous men and those who are not yet thinking about becoming parents, while those who need love and protection gravitate towards large breasts.
The eyes: long eyelashes and expressive eyes are able to seduce any man. Be careful though, because contrary to what you might think, men don’t like excessive make-up, they prefer understated make-up.
The thighs: this is another essential detail for men. But you must know, dear women, that men do not see all the flaws that we try to combat with creams, gels and massages.
Style: the way a woman walks, the way she moves, the way she dresses are elements that attract attention and fascinate from the first sight.
Perfume: men are attracted to the perfume women wear. And women are also free to change it every day.
The smile: a cheerful and sincere smile always gives positive feelings. It is not only a sign of sensuality, but also of openness to others and willingness to dialogue.
The legs: it seems that among the first things most men notice about a woman are her legs. They want their woman to have long legs and slim ankles.
The abdomen: is a detail that attracts many men, but I want to dispel the myth that it is preferable to be flat and toned, because, on the contrary, a study carried out by the University of Westminster confirms that softness and abundant hips are more appreciated.
The hair: it is well known that many men prefer it long, soft and with flowing waves, a sign of great femininity and sensuality. It is, in fact, one of the most valued means of seduction. This does not mean that a short haircut cannot also be a seductive detail.
There are so many and very different things that can impress and attract us to a person. But in fact, the alchemy between two people who like each other is something that is often mysterious.

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