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Vocational skills competition to promote Macau as global tourism and leisure hub at this week’s edition from Sunday Readings.

Even we are now in a remote working period due to coronavirus pandemic, the vocational skills are highly appreciated from the point of view of employers all over the world.

Vocational skills competition to promote Macau as global tourism and leisure hub

Vocational skills

The Director of Macau’s Labour Affairs Bureau, Wong Chi Hong, has described hosting of The 2nd Macao Comprehensive Tourism and Leisure Enterprise Vocational Skills Competition as a key driver towards positioning the SAR as a true world center of tourism and leisure.

The event, launched at Galaxy Macau on July 29, provides an opportunity for talented individuals to test their skills across three important local industry sectors via a Gaming and Entertainment professional skills competition, IR Service professional skills competition and Gastronomy professional skills competition.

Competitors were presented with a range of tasks to be completed to a high level against the clock while being observed by a panel of expert judges in each field.

The competition aims to encourage both the government and companies to value the professional performance and training of workers in their professional capacities in order to contribute to the promotion of an elite workforce providing quality tourism and leisure services in the Macau SAR.

“Macau is a place where Chinese and Western cultures meet, and tourism is an important pillar industry of Macau,” said Wong.

Vocational skills

He added: “Holding a comprehensive tourism and leisure enterprise vocational skills competition in Macau can not only show the charm of Macau as a ‘world center of tourism and leisure‘ but also show the citizens and tourists Macau’s hardware facilities and talent training achievements.
In recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to skilled talents. Through vigorously developing vocational training, reforming the evaluation system, and improving incentive mechanisms, a large number of applied talents with high skills have been cultivated, providing talent support for national construction.
Promoting moderately diversified economic development is a broad consensus of the Macau society and one of the important tasks of the SAR government. We hope that through the holding of relevant skills competitions, Macau’s tourism and leisure elements can be enriched, local cultural characteristics can be activated, and Macau’s economic diversified development can be promoted.”

Vocational skills

The event was organized by the Labour Affairs Bureau and the Macau Federation of Trade Unions, with skills competitions held at JW Marriott.

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