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Top Online Casino Games To Play This COVID Pandemic When We All Need Some Form of Entertainment to Keep Our Sanity.

With the COVID global pandemic, we all need some form of entertainment to keep our sanity. The perfect solution right now is playing online casino games with friends. In these games, there’s no need to be good at them. As such, here are some games that are enjoyed by beginners and professional gamers. Whether you have an old PC or the latest gadget, you can always play these games from your comfort zone. 


The StormCraft Studios created Fortunium. It is a slot machine game that challenges the boring and classic slot machines. Fortunium innovates the way slots are supposed to be played. For example, while Fortunium has the features of a classic slot machine, it implements modern video slot features such as the Free Spins and Win Booster Feature.

Moreover, this slot machine game is optimized for mobile users just like playing at to eurojackpot. With its large vertical interface, you can play it in portrait mode on your gadgets.
Microgaming backs the StromCraft Studios. However, it operates independently as a small scale developer. As such, this enables them to stray from the norm. They have the freedom to produce innovative and unique games like Fortunium.

In this game, you can play it on 5 reels with a total of 40 pay lines where you can place your bets. There are amazing features in the game, one of which is Win Booster. Here, you can wager an extra 50% to increase your chances of winning. If you lose the round, you will have to spend your money for nothing. However, if you land a winning bet, it will make the player land on a substantial payout.

This can only add to the high variance of the game. As such, this is one of the popular games for thrill-seeking fans. Although the company is still young, they did an amazing job on this slot machine.

Wheel of Fortune

If you are familiar with the TV show of the same name, then you know the Wheel of Fortune spin feature. Although the game has different rules, the creators have succeeded in capturing the excitement of its TV equivalent. Indeed, this is a fun game to play like loterie. 

In this slot game, it offers an amazing jackpot on its 5-reel slot. It has a unique design and a fun theme. It provides frequent payouts to its clients and exciting mini bonus games for the players. In this game, there are over 700 ways to win. Indeed, this is a good feature that every casino player must try now.

Stacks O’Gold Online Slot

With the release of Stacks O’Gold in 2018, the fun never stopped! This game features an iconic fruit arcade. There are magic mushrooms, leprechauns, pots of gold, lucky horseshoes, rainbows, leaf clovers, and other classic charms on the reel.
This game is set across five reels and there are 34 pay lines. You can play it at 0.20 per spin up to high stakes. The game provides a free spin payout of 15 free plays with wilds and sticky stacked wild to packet together with the bonus trail. Lovers of fruit machines are amazed by this game.

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So, this are some top online casino games to play this COVID pandemic.