Tools to deliver big entertainment experiences

Tools to deliver big entertainment experiences are provided by Blueprint to AGCs, managing director David Purvis declares.

Blueprint Operations managing director David Purvis believes AGCs are taking progressive steps to retain players, investing in the latest gaming equipment as a method of delivering what he is describing as ‘Tools to deliver big entertainment experiences’.

He stated: “We see our job as providing AGC operators with the tools they need to retain and grow the number of land-based players. The objective we share with our customers is to make a visit to the AGC a big and enjoyable experience which is what we are achieving courtesy of cabinets such as the Auroramax, and the Wave as well as a pipeline of immersive games content.

“Players are incredibly discerning and the product offering for both new and established venues needs to look outstanding, deliver compelling entertainment and connect with the needs and requirements of the various player groups in a way which only digital gaming can.”

Looking ahead, David Purvis believes that despite the hammer blow of Covid, the market is now beginning to grow in confidence and that the relationship between manufacturer and AGC operator is evolving. He said: “In July customers were getting their businesses up and running after three months of lockdown which has meant that we only really started talking about product in August. Looking at our sales for the last two months the figures are broadly similar year-on-year which indicates a welcome return of confidence.

“Rather than just bringing great product to market we are also working alongside our customers, understanding their needs in much greater detail and being as flexible and innovative as we possibly can in terms of the packages that we are able to offer. While the 10pm curfew has undoubtedly brought additional challenges, the underlying principles of continuous improvement and providing players with the very best products on the market remain true.”

About Blueprint Gaming you can read HERE or HERE.

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