The past 12 months has been a year of expansion for cash handling solutions provider Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL).The company has broadened its core note and coin handling productsas well as adding a suite of TITO solutions to it’s market leading product range.

Realising the importance of TITO early,ITL set up a subsidiary company, InnoPrint back in 2013 with the specific purpose of creating unique ticketing solutions for the market. InnoPrint now has a range of ticketing products suitable for all applications, made up of combined note validators & ticket printers, compact coupon printers and traditional flatbed printers. More importantly InnoPrint’sunique Hub and Server hardware allows TITO conversion for any compliant analogue or digital machines and a full audit of all TITO transactions.

Released at the start of 2016 ITL’s NV12+ is a compact note validator and ticket printer ideal for gaming customers who are looking to implement ticketing capability into their existing machines. The unit is compact, lightweight and boasts multi-functionality, allowing machines to both accept notes and issue tickets.The NV12+’s modular design allows operators who currently use the NV9 USB+ to add ticketing functionality simply by purchasing the add-on NVR 280 printer unit. The unique compact ticketing system allows cash in, ticket in and ticket out capability. The customer is no longer required to carry large amounts of cash after a machine pays out, as a ticket can be used to play or redeemed at a terminal / cash desk on the gaming floor.

The perceived additional space requirement is usually one of the major obstacles preventing operators from installing ticketing systems within machines. The arrival of the NV12+ means that space is no longer a concern, it’s compact size saves valuable space and eliminates the need for a separate printer. The unit includes a high-quality Seiko print mechanism to deliver consistent performance regardless of paper quality. The NV12’s printer has an unrestricted ticket length, which is a useful feature for any operators that want to print out end of day transactions.

ITL’s Business Development Manager, Lina Trofimow, said “From an operational point of view the benefits of TITO are many and widespread.The most simplistic is cash and the various factors associated with handling notes and coins. By reducing cash payments operators do not have to worry about float levels (and the historic problems associated with this) and can dramatically reduce the costsassociated with collection and refill.


Utilising tickets releases cash back into the business and reduces the likely hood of cash theft and machine sabotage.Our product range offers a level of modularity not otherwise seen in the market. We have made it simple and cost-effective for customers to include a ticketing option in their machines and have a range of TITO products to suit any application and space requirement.”

The NV12 + is just one of ITL’s TITO solutions. The SMART Ticket was launched back in 2014 and received a fantastic reception.ITL have long held the position of developing products that customersreally need; not just want and the SMART Ticket certainly fits the bill. A modular unit, it combines a high volume high security note validator, NV200, with ticketing capability in the form of fan fold ticket or continuous roll media.Of the four SMART Ticket variants fan fold rear has proved the most popular in the industry, particularly across Europe and the CIS, with customers benefitting from both note validation and fan fold ticket payments from one combined unit.

New Regions
ITL has responded to the growing demand for its products in Europe by establishing new branches in Italy and the Czech Republic over the past year. These new offices house local sales and support staff to ensure superior service for all customers across Europe. The Czech office in particular will increase ITL’s geographic range, covering Slovakia, Poland and Hungary in addition to the Czech Republic. ITL have long established offices in Hamburg, Germany and Barcelona, Spain where staff numbers have also increased in recent years to ensure that all customers receive the best possible support in terms of sales and technical assistance.

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