Lecturi de Duminică Sunday Readings

Statistics and curiosities of the gambling industry are the topics discussed in this week’s edition of Sunday Readings.

Statistics and curiosities have always delighted readers of all kinds.

So, we will talk about statistics and curiosities today!

Statistics and curiosities from the world of gambling

Statistici și curiozități statistics and curiosities

Online gambling statistics

In early 1996, the world of gambling changed. You no longer need to travel to the casino to play cards, roulette or spin a few slots. Digital casinos and the internet have brought home all these possibilities. Now you can sit in bed and bet on Blackjack or you can go by bus and wait for the winning combination at the slots. Everything is possible from smartphones and tablets. You can visit any casino you want and you can bet online with real money.

– The first online casino was launched in 1996, based in Antigua. InterCasino had only 18 players at the time of launch.
– The first online bingo site, Bingo Blitz was established in 1998.
Most online casinos are not affiliated with land operators, as this business was initially considered unprofitable. This policy has changed very quickly.
– Young men are the most likely online players. 86% of all online players are men.
– One-fifth of online bettors and 3% of the population are considered pathological gamblers.
– Global online gambling revenues increased from $ 20 billion in 2009 to $ 47 billion in 2017. The projected figure for 2020 is around $ 60 billion.
– Over 70% of global online gambling revenues come from slots.
– In 2012, gambling and sports betting brought to the Romanian state budget 269 million euros in taxes, contributing 171 million euros to GDP (0.13%). Since then, that number has risen sharply.
– In 2016, Paddy Power and Betfair teamed up to create the world’s largest online gambling company, with revenues of about $ 12 billion.
– 25% of Romania’s population has tried gambling at least once. 3% of Romanians frequently play pecans.

Land-based casinos still have control, but that is changing very quickly. More and more players are accessing online operators. It is much easier to access an online gambling site than to go to a physical casino. Especially since online operators offer players, instead of alcohol, money in the form of welcome bonuses with which they can play certain games.

Land-based casino statistics

The influence of land-based casinos will not be lost easily and quickly. In 2016, 39 million people, which is a little more trembling than the Romanian population, visited Las Vegas. The total revenue was £ 5 billion. Meanwhile, Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Casino has become the fourth most expensive building in the world. It cost £ 4.5 billion. To make a comparison, the most expensive building in Romania is the People’s House and it cost 1 billion euros. The most expensive casino in the world is Casino Baden-Baden in Germany. The casino was opened in 1809 and is one of the oldest in the world. Inside there are several springs of water, and the ceiling can compete with the Sistine Chapel. It is considered the most beautiful and expensive casino in the world. Its value is estimated at 7.8 billion pounds. The famous Clermont club in Mayfair, London is ranked second in value – 7 billion pounds.

Gambling in different countries of the world

Gambling is popular all over the world and each country has its own regulations in this regard. In some countries, such as China, even though gambling is considered to have given rise to gambling, it is prohibited by law. In order to play, the Chinese have to access illegal games or travel to other countries. Obviously, nothing can stop people from playing if that is their wish. Gambling will always find a way and exist in our lives. With the advent of online casinos this has become much simpler and easier. Thanks to modern technologies, there is no need to make long and expensive trips.

Statistici și curiozități statistics and curiosities

The culture and traditions of a country have a great influence on the people. People’s superstitions come from their history and legends. For example, in Egypt, psyche was considered a holy and lucky thing. Their goddess, Bastet, is presented with a cat’s head. This superstition influenced the creation of a slot, called Cleopatra, which also has a huge jackpot. This jackpot can be won exactly by aligning three cat symbols on the middle reels.

Another example, which has been used by software developers to attract bettors, is number 7. Seven is considered a lucky number in many countries around the world and that is why you can find it very often on the rolls of tricks. Its positioning on the rolls brings winnings to the bettors and in this way strengthens their faith in his magical powers. The culture of the peoples, without a doubt, has a great influence on gambling and the amounts spent. Australians are time-lapse champions, betting on slots a year. In Australia, gambling is considered part of their entertainment heritage. That is why the existing regulation on gambling is extremely free compared to global standards. There are more slot machines in New South Wales than Koala bears across the country.

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